Extreme Cold and Your Home Appliances

Snow and HVAC Hagerstown MD

For the most part, your home’s appliances are designed to withstand both hot and cold temperatures. However, extreme cold can still damage your home, especially when you have appliances up against outside walls or in your garage or basement. Here’s what you need to know to keep everything running this winter.


Your outdoor unit is designed to handle even extreme cold, but it can get covered in ice, which will cause an emergency shut-off. If that happens, you will need to remove the ice in order to get your heater running again. Avoid this by keeping that area clear or even building a fence around the outdoor unit if snow tends to accumulate there.

Washing Machine

Your washing machine should be fine but your water lines can freeze if they are connected to an outside wall. Disconnect them when you’re not using them or wrap them in pipe insulation for the duration of the winter. If you choose to insulate them, make sure you check it each winter before extreme cold temperatures arrie.


Your fridge in your house should be fine, but any refrigerators or freezers in your basement or garage may need some extra care. You can use a space heater to keep things warmer on the coldest days or disconnect any water hoses that you don’t need. If you do need to use them regularly, insulate them when you insulate your pipes.

If you have questions about getting any of your appliances through the winter or you need help getting them prepped, contact us at Larry & Sons today!