Boiler vs. Furnace: Which Heating System Is Best?

One of the timeless debates of home heating is whether a boiler or a furnace provides the better choice for heating. Although perhaps not as burning a match-up on people’s minds as King Kong vs. Godzilla or Ford vs. Chevrolet, it’s an important one to consider when it comes to your home comfort.

Let’s take a look at the two sides of this conflict to see what we can discover about the option for heating in Frederick, MD that will work best for you. Because ultimately, the winner in this contest depends on your specific circumstances: your home, your energy supply, and your short-term and long-term budget plans. Call Larry & Sons, Inc. for the important professional advice you’ll need to make the right choice.

Boiler vs. Furnace: How the Boiler Wins

Where can the boiler deliver the haymaker punch that KOs the furnace? Longevity is one spot. Boilers use few mechanical parts to operate since they use the circulation of hot water to provide heat. This means that boilers need fewer repairs than furnaces on average, and this also leads to a long lifespan.

Boilers usually cost less to install than furnaces, and they also offer savings with their efficient performance (hydronic power loses less heat energy than forced-air systems). Using the radiant heat from a boiler also makes for much cleaner heat emanating into your home, with no dust contamination transferred from ductwork.

Boiler vs. Furnace: How the Furnace Wins

Where the furnace can deliver a knock-out is with sheer heating power. A gas-powered furnace can achieve higher levels of heating than almost any other heating system, so if you live in a house with insulation problems or any need for greater heat, a furnace is the best investment.

Furnaces have immense flexibility: there’s almost always a furnace for every home, thanks to their many options for fuel and sizing. If your home already has ductwork installed, a furnace allow for easy installation that saves space without needing to put in radiators or baseboard heaters for a boiler.

Which one wins when it comes to your home?

This is the big question, of course, and it isn’t one you can answer without the assistance of Frederick, MD heating professionals. With the assistance of HVAC technicians to perform a heat load calculation in your home, you’ll discover which system provides sufficient heat without sacrificing too much efficiency. The technicians will take into account your budget plans as well. At the end of the installation, you’ll have the winner of the boiler vs. furnace battle working in your home, giving you the best heat possible.

Contact Larry & Sons, Inc.: since 1960, we’ve helped customers pick the right side in their own boiler vs. furnace debate.