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Hagerstown Terralift Services

An exhausted leach field is one of the primary reasons septic systems fail. When soil becomes oversaturated, compacted or disturbed in any way, it is no longer capable of absorbing and distributing the waste water produced by a septic tank and the system starts to fail.

Terralift is a revolutionary system developed by Terralift International that we frequently recommend to our customers to solve these types of leech field problems. By revitalizing exhausted drainage fields and getting a septic tank back on track, Terralift quickly and easily solves what could have otherwise been a costly problem.

If you’ve noticed a buildup of biomass on your drainage field or you’re unsure whether your drainage field can keep up any longer with the requirements of your septic tank, call Larry & Sons Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. Using the Terralift System, our Hagerstown, MD area septic experts will solve your drainage field problems and get your septic tank back on track fast.

How Terralift Works terralift machine from Terralift

The Terralift system works by penetrating deep into the soil– usually between three and six feet down. Using a pneumatic hammer, Terralift digs deep into the soil, then forces air through the apparatus to break apart the soil and create an aerobic soil base that is better capable of absorbing and distributing water deposited by your septic tank.

Once the air has been pumped into the soil, polystyrene is injected to ensure those passages stay active and the liquid can properly move away from the drainage pipes when released. It should spread both horizontally and vertically, creating a network of pathways that can absorb water from your leach field.

Over time, digging up and resetting your leach field wouldn’t be enough to keep it functioning. With Terralift, the combination of deep aeration and the polystyrene treatment ensures those airways stay open and the problem doesn’t recur.

Choosing the Right Hagerstown Plumber for Your Septic Problems

If your septic tank is close to failure or you are overdue for an inspection, call Larry & Sons. Our experts have kept septic tanks and drainage fields operational for Frederick, Hagerstown and Chambersburg area homeowners for years. With the Terralift system we can ensure your leach field will continue to work for years to come. If you’re interested in learning more about Terralift and how it can resolve your septic and drainage field problems, call today and talk to one of our Hagerstown plumbing experts.

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