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plumbing heating and cooling hvac waynecastle paAir Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing in Waynescastle, PA

  • Plumbing – A good plumbing system is a must for anyone living in Waynecastle or the surrounding areas. So, when the time comes to have a new component installed or if you need maintenance or repair services performed on your water heater, water lines, sump pump, septic tank or any of the many plumbing systems in your home, contact Larry & Sons. Our Waynescastle plumbers offer comprehensive plumbing installation services – from fixtures to water lines – and will ensure your plumbing in Waynescastle operates as intended for years to come to keep your family comfortable and healthy.
  • Heating – Should your heating system in Waynescastle, PA ever stop working as intended, you have a number of options. We can visit and make repairs, including emergency repairs if the issue interrupts heating to your home. We can schedule a tune up to improve efficiency of your heating system in Waynescastle, or we can discuss with you your options for replacing that system with a higher efficiency heat pump or furnace. Whatever your heating needs, Larry & Sons has you covered.

Call Larry & Sons today, whether you need a new plumbing system installed or would like to talk more about your heating needs.

Air Conditioning in Waynescastle

A good air conditioner in Waynescastle will provide ample cooling all summer while keeping your bills as low as possible. If your current air conditioner no longer does both of these things or if you need maintenance or repair services to ensure it does, contact Larry & Sons for cooling services. We can install a new central air conditioner or ductless mini split air conditioning system for your home or we can provide maintenance or repair services on an existing model.

Other Plumbing Services in Waynescastle

  • Drain Cleaning & Sewer Repair in Waynescastle – Whether it’s a simple leak in your drain and sewer system or you are concerned about the flow of wastewater out of your home, we offer a full range of inspection, leak detection and repair options for drain and sewer systems. Contact us to learn about video pipe inspection, septic tank system repairs and trenchless and no dig technologies for your sewer line in the Waynescastle area.
  • Water Treatment Systems in Waynescastle – The water treatment system in your home, when properly installed, will remove unwanted contaminants from your water and ensure you have the reliable, clean water you need for healthy living. We offer water testing in Waynescastle, as well as installation of new whole house water filters and treatment systems for just this reason.
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