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plumbing heating and cooling hvac thurmont mdWalkersville Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning and Services

For more than 50 years the experts of Larry & Sons have been providing exceptional service to homeowners throughout the Walkersville area for all of their plumbing, heating and air conditioning needs. If you need installation, maintenance or repairs for any of these systems, contact us today to learn more.

Plumbers in Walkersville

We offer a full range of plumbing services in Walkersville and the surrounding areas. This includes installation and replacement of plumbing components such as bathroom and kitchen fixtures, waterlines, sump pumps, well pumps, and septic tanks. We also offer hot water tank services including installation of new tank or tankless water heaters. Our Walkersville plumbers are highly skilled in recognizing and repairing any issues you might have with your plumbing as well. This includes leaks in water lines, slab leaks, septic tank issues, and water heater issues.

Walkersville Heating Service

If your heating system is ready to be replaced, or if it needs maintenance or repair services, our technicians are available to visit your home and discuss with you all of your heating options. We offer installation and replacement for new heat pumps, furnaces and geothermal heating systems in Walkersville. We also offer preventive maintenance services on all major brands and types of heating system in the region.

Walkersville Air Conditioning Service

If you need a new air conditioner installed in Walkersville, whether it’s a central air conditioning unit or ductless mini split air conditioner, our expert air conditioning technicians have the technology and skills needed to help you choose a model and then install it for you quickly and professionally. Contact us today to learn about our full range of air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance services in Walkersville and the surrounding area.

Call the experts of Larry & Sons for all of your Walkersville plumbing, heating and air conditioning needs.

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