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toilet repair mount airy mdToilet Repair

Having your toilet stop working is the worst, especially when it’s overflowing or won’t flush. We know that you really can’t go without your toilet for any length of time, which is why our plumbers are always available to help us out. Call Larry & Sons and we’ll get a Mount Airy MD plumber to you as soon as possible. He’ll examine your toilet, diagnose the problem, and help you get it fixed the right way, the first time.

Common Toilet Problems

Sometimes, toilets have ongoing issues that are easy to take care of. If you don’t get these fixed, though, the toilet can develop more severe issues down the road. When you start to notice any of the following problems, call a professional to get your toilet fixed today.

  • Your toilet won’t flush. This can be caused by one of several different problems. Rest assured that our plumbers will correctly diagnose what’s going on with your particular toilet and repair it properly.
  • There’s standing water around the base of your toilet. This usually indicates a problem with the toilet’s seal. We will remove the toilet, determine the best way to fix your seal, and get everything put back together.
  • Your toilet overflows. You can usually use a plunger to get a clog to move, but stubborn or repeated clogs often require the skills of a professional. Give us a call and we’ll get the water moving through your toilet again, so you can use it normally.
  • Your toilet runs all the time, or without being flushed. There may be a problem with the seal or the flapper inside your toilet’s tank. We’ll take a look and fix anything that needs fixing. While your toilet may still work, you will pay higher water bills when it runs like this.
  • Your toilet is difficult to flush. You may notice that you have to hold the handle down for a long time to get the toilet to flush, or that the water pressure in your flushes seems low. Several different things can cause this. We’ll figure out what the problem is with your Mount Airy MD toilet and get it repaired.

Toilet Installation

If your toilet is broken and you need a new one or you’re renovating a bathroom and want to change things up a bit, we can help you select and install a new toilet, too. Let one of our plumbers come look at the problem. We’ll determine what you need, and then we’ll offer you a selection of different toilets. We can take both your budget and your decor into account to make sure that the toilet you get is right for you and your home.

Once you choose a toilet, we’ll order it and install it for you. We’ll troubleshoot any issues that arise and make sure the job is done well, the first time. Our plumbers will never leave your home unless you’re satisfied, so you can test your new toilet and ask all the questions that you have before they go.

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