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plumbing heating and cooling hvac middletown paMiddletown Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing Services

For nearly 50 years, the experts of Larry & Sons Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning have been providing exceptional service to homeowners throughout the region. If you are interested in having a new system installed in your home or need someone to take over the maintenance or service of your system, call Larry & Sons today and learn why so many people throughout the Middletown and surrounding areas trust us with their home comfort.

Living in Middletown

Middletown, like the areas around it in Pennsylvania, has four very well defined seasons. Each spring and fall the weather is mild and comfortable and if you’re lucky you’ll never need to turn on your HVAC system. However, in the summer, the weather can get warm and humid and in the winter, it gets dry and cold. In both cases, you need a company you can trust to get the job done right – that company is Larry & Sons.

Middletown Plumbing

We can install any major Middletown plumbing system in your home, either as part of a new addition to a bathroom or kitchen or a comprehensive remodel of your home. We also offer emergency repair and replacement services and can help you maintain your plumbing for years to come so that there are as few such incidents as possible. If you need a new fixture for your bathroom or kitchen, upgrades for any of the pipes in your home or service performed for any aspect of your drainage system, call Larry & Sons today.

Middletown Heating

When the winter chill sets in, you want to know that your Middletown heating system will work as intended throughout the season. We can install an energy efficient, high quality furnace or heat pump to match the heating needs of your home or we can provide ongoing maintenance or repair services for your home’s existing heating system.

Middletown Air Conditioning

Call today if you are in the market for a new air conditioner in your home. We can help you select the perfect unit to match your home’s size and cooling needs, make any necessary upgrades to your ventilation system and then return each spring to perform a tune up and keep your air conditioner in top operating condition.

Middletown Drain and Sewer

If you are concerned about any component in your home’s drainage system, call Larry & Sons today. We can inspect your drains with video camera systems and can provide comprehensive drain cleaning services annually to minimize the future risk of a problem. We also offer septic system service and can replace your sewer lines if a problem develops without excavation using our trenchless system.

Middletown Water Treatment Systems

If you are concerned in any way about the water quality in your home, call Larry & Sons today to have it tested and recommendations made as to what treatment systems will work best. We can recommend new water filters, reverse osmosis systems and specialty cartridges for whole house water filtration and can ensure your home’s water system stays clean and enjoyable for years to come.

Middletown Indoor Air Quality

If someone in your home suffers from allergies or has symptoms of asthma, call Larry & Sons today to learn about our comprehensives indoor air quality installation services. We can help you select new components for your indoor air quality system and determine how best to combat dander, dust and pollen as they circulate in your home. We can install new filters, cleaners or humidity control systems for such air quality issues.

Whatever your home comfort needs, call the experts of Larry & Sons today for immediate, professional service you can rely on.

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