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Drain and Sewer Services in Frederick, MD

drain-cleaningDrains are some of the most under appreciated components in your home. Without good drains, many of your essential fixtures and appliances can’t work well: your dishwasher, laundry machine, sinks, showers, toilets and others all really on drains. If you’re having any problems with your drains, just call Larry & Sons, Inc.. We’ve been a family–owned plumbing company for over 50 years and all that experience translates into us being able to provide high quality drain and sewer service in Frederick, MD. We can work on all kinds of drains and sewer lines and we can also help you install new drains so call us whenever you need a quality plumber in Frederick, MD.

Drain Cleaning Service

Build–up inside your drains is inevitable because of all the waste water that your drains have to deal with. Eventually, the small blockages will slowly turn into clogs which can cause your drains to slow or to clog completely. Drain cleaning is probably the best way to remove those clogs and make sure that your drains are completely free. Larry & Sons, Inc. provides complete drain cleaning in Frederick, MD for all different types of drains. Our plumbers have access to the most advanced plumbing equipment in the industry, including water jetting systems and video camera pipe inspection. Water jetting uses a high–pressure hose that is fed down into your drains to remove any clogs. Our video camera pipe inspection equipment lets our plumbers get a detailed look inside your home’s plumbing to find any problems and also to check our work.

Drain Repair Service

Are you tired of your drains being slow? Are your drains leaking at all? Call Larry & Sons, Inc. today to talk with one of our expert plumbers about our drain repair service in Frederick, MD. Drain problems can be a nightmare to deal with, so call us immediately when you suspect that you’re having any problems. Waiting will only allow your drains to get worse and possibly more expensive to fix. Our plumbers specialize in helping our customers get their drains back up and working again quickly, so call us today.

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

All of the drains in your home connect to your main sewer line, which carries all of your waste water to the street. When your sewer line starts to get clogged or blocked, it can cause issues with multiple drains in your home. Larry & Sons, Inc. provides total sewer line repair and replacement in Frederick, MD and our plumbers have the skill and experience to get your sewer line back up and working again quickly. Call today to talk with one of our friendly specialists. We use only the latest technology and equipment, like video camera pipe inspection tools that let us see deep into your home’s plumbing system as well as water jetting equipment that safely blasts away clogs. Call us today if you’re having any problems with your sewer line and need repair or replacement in Frederick, MD.

Water Line Repair & Replacement

Without access to consistent and potable water, your home would be difficult to live in. Your water line is critical to your health and comfort which is why you should call the experts at Larry & Sons, Inc. when you need any kind of water line repair or replacement in Frederick, MD. If you’ve noticed a sudden or gradual decline in your water pressure, you have soggy spots in your yard or your water bill has climbed for no reason, call us. We use advanced technology to quickly find leaks and we can get your water line working again fast.

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

When homeowners find out that they need sewer line replacement, they often start thinking that they’ll need to rent a backhoe to dig up their yard. However, thanks to trenchless methodology, that is no longer necessary. Larry & Sons, Inc. is proud to provide trenchless sewer line replacement in Frederick, MD. No dig sewer line replacement allows you to replace your line more quickly and with very little damage to your yard. Call Larry & Sons, Inc. today to learn more about how trenchless sewer line replacement could save you loads of time.

Customer Testimonial
Larry and Son, Thank you for helping me out in such a short time. Rich L. was in and out in no time fixing my toilet issue. I would recommend you to others, highly.Thanks againDiana G.

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