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Hanover Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing Services

plumbing heating and cooling hvac services in hanover, md

As a trusted provider of Hanover HVAC and plumbing services for more than 50 years, Larry & Sons knows how to take care of our customers the right way. Whether you need a new toilet installed in your home or you’re concerned about the quality of your indoor air, we have the products, services and expertise you’re looking for. So don’t hesitate to give us a call today to learn more about how we can make your home safer and more comfortable for your family.

Living in Hanover

The seasons in Hanover each have different characteristics. Summers are hot and humid, while winter temperatures often dip down below freezing. There are also quite a few days with snow in the forecast from December through March. But spring and fall are quite mild and pleasant, with moderate rainfall and lots of sun.

Hanover Plumbing

When something goes wrong with your home plumbing system, you need it fixed fast. Larry & Sons professional plumbers will be out as quickly as possible when we receive your call for services. We have all of the latest diagnostic equipment at our disposal, so we can find the problem fast and get your system back on track. We also offer a complete range of other plumbing services including installation, replacement, maintenance of plumbing, septic systems and water heaters, and full leak detection and repiping services.

Hanover Heating

Whether you have a furnace, heat pump, geothermal installation or solar heating, our expert technicians can repair and maintain your system with ease. We can also install and replace any of these home heating systems, so if you’re in the market for a new one, Larry & Sons is the place to come. We’ll do everything we can to keep you and your family warm during those chilly winter months.

Hanover Air Conditioning

Summers in this part of the country can be beautiful, but the heat can also be brutal at times. When that happens, you need a good home air conditioning system to keep you cool, and we have just the types of products and services you’re looking for. Our expert technicians can install, maintain, repair and replace all types of home air conditioning systems, and we’ll work closely with you to make sure the one you get is the one best suited to your home and the needs of your family.

Hanover Drain and Sewer

A problem in your drain and sewer system will quickly affect your entire house. So whether you need a new drain or sewer put in or you noticed one of your drains backing up, you want to make sure to hire an experienced professional to get the job done right. Our plumbers have worked on all types of drain and sewer projects, and we use only the highest quality parts and materials, so you can be sure the work we do for you will last over the long term.

Hanover Water Treatment Systems

The best thing you can do to ensure that your family always has clean, fresh water for washing, cooking, cleaning and bathing is to call Larry & Sons for water testing services today. Once we’ve fully analyzed your home water supply, we can put together a comprehensive water treatment system designed specifically to target and remove the contaminants found in your water. And that means both safer drinking water for you and less wear and tear on your home plumbing system.

Hanover Indoor Air Quality

There are all types of contaminants that can find their way into your indoor air supply – from things like pet dander and pollen to cigarette smoke and cooking exhaust. Larry & Sons carries an extensive range of indoor air quality products that will remove these contaminants so you can enjoy clean, fresh indoor air in all areas of your home. So if you’re concerned about your home’s indoor air quality, be sure to give us a call today.

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