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Air Conditioning Repair in Hagerstown, MD air conditioning ac repair

Hagerstown gets hot and humid in the summer, which is why it’s important that your A/C is always working for you, no matter what. At Larry & Sons, we know that you need to stay cool at home in order to live your best life this summer, and we’ll do whatever it takes to keep you comfortable. Call for an appointment today to get your A/C back to normal soon!

Signs You Need A/C Repair in Hagerstown

When your air conditioner won’t turn on, it’s usually pretty clear that you need to call someone in to fix it. However, many air conditioners let you know that they’re having problems before they die entirely. If you know what to look for, you can read these signs and call us in before your cold air disappears. Look for:

  • Reduced cooling capacity. If you feel like your A/C can’t maintain cool temperatures in your home like it used to, call us. We’ll get on your HVAC repair in Hagerstown so you can stay as cool as you want to once again. It doesn’t matter if your A/C is blowing cool air. If you aren’t comfortable, we’ll get to the bottom of why so you can get cool again.
  • Unusual sounds. You’ll always hear your A/C turn on, but you shouldn’t hear it clanging, clunking, or banging. In fact, if you hear noises like these, turn it off and call us ASAP. These sounds can indicate that something has come loose and it can do more damage if you let it continue to run. Instead, we’ll do your air conditioning repair in Hagerstown before the unit breaks entirely.
  • An A/C that runs all the time. If your air conditioner is always on, the motor is working really hard. This usually means that it’s not communicating effectively with your thermostat or that it’s not cooling well. Either way, we’ll get on your A/C repair in Hagerstown so your unit doesn’t have to work so hard. Make your A/C last longer by repairing it when it needs it.

Whenever your A/C needs HVAC repair in Hagerstown, the techs at Larry & Sons will be there for you. We’ll come to you quickly and design a solution specific to your unit and the problems it’s having. Before long, you’ll be cool in your house again!

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