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Drain Cleaning Services in Greencastle, PA

When you have a clog, do you know who you’ll call to fix your drains? At Larry & Sons, drain cleaning in Greencastle, PA is one of our specialties. No matter how bad your drains are, we’ll help you get them cleaned out and cleared out so your water and waste can flow freely again. Whether we have to send a snake down one drain or find a clog in the sewer, we’ll do what it takes to help your home run well.

Not sure if you need your drains cleaned? We can help you figure it out or you can look for the following problems. If you notice one of these, chances are good that you have a drain problem somewhere.

  • You have a lot of clogs. A clog here or there is normal and these can usually get cleared without calling a plumber, though you may need some help with the stubborn ones. However, a lot of clogs at once can indicate a problem deeper in your system. Give us a call and we’ll locate the clog that’s behind it all.
  • You have repeated clogs. One or two clogs is normal but clog after clog after clog is not. If you feel like your drains are always clogged no matter what you do, give us a call. Chances are, there’s a deeper problem. Once we find that and get rid of it, your drains should flow again.
  • You smell rotten eggs. This is a sewer smell. Your sewer is supposed to keep these odors out of your home. If it’s not doing its job, then chances are that you have a clog somewhere. We’ll send a camera down your line to find it, then get it out in the best possible way. Pretty soon, your home will smell like roses again.

When our plumbers come to you, they come knowing that their job goes well beyond drain cleaning in Greencastle, PA. In fact, it extends to making your life better. They will work hard to take the stress and strain of this repair on themselves, so you can rest easy again. They’ll also treat your home just like they would treat their own house. This means that they will protect your floors and your things, clean up after themselves, and never recommend products or services that they wouldn’t want for thei$50 Off Your Next Servicer own families.

Call us for your drain cleaning in Greencastle, PA today. We’ll get to you fast, figure out where the problem is, and let you know our plan of attack for overcoming it. We’ll implement our plan fast, so you don’t have to live without functioning drains for very long. We won’t leave until your water and waste are flowing the way they need to again.

Schedule your appointment today so you don’t have worry anymore. We’ll unclog your drains and tell you what you can do to prevent these clogs in the future. Pretty soon, your home will work again and you’ll understand why so many people in Greencastle call Larry & Sons.


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