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Professional Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing in Blue Ridge Summit  heating plumbing ac services blue ridge summit pa

Call the experts of Larry & Sons today for all of your Blue Ridge Summit heating, air conditioning and plumbing needs.

We have been providing expert service to our customers for more than 50 years. In that time, we have worked hard to ensure that each of our technicians is highly skilled and continuously trained to work with the newest technology on the market in installing, maintaining and repairing major brands of heating and cooling equipment and plumbing components.

Blue Ridge Summit Plumbing Installation and Maintenance Services

What makes Larry & Sons special is our commitment to excellence. In every job we undertake we have strived to provide top tier service for our customers, especially when it comes to plumbing. We know how important an efficient, well–maintained plumbing system is for your home, so we work tirelessly to ensure your plumbing does everything you need it to do.

That means our Blue Ridge Summit plumbers will install only the highest quality fixtures for your bathroom or kitchen, will help you choose the best water heater for your needs, and perform quick and professional repairs on any leaks, water pressure issues or septic problems you have before it can impact your family.

Blue Ridge Summit Heating Repair and Replacement

  • Heating – We offer a full range of heating solutions designed to provide exceptional comfort control for your entire home. This means installation of the top rated heat pumps or furnaces and available geothermal heating installation in your area.

Blue Ridge Summit Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement

  • Air Conditioning – We also carry a full range of central air conditioners and ductless split heat pumps to provide cooling solutions to our customers in the Blue Ridge Summit area. Just give us a call and ask to learn about all of our cooling solutions today.

Additional Plumbing Services in Blue Ridge Summit

  • Drain & Sewer – If your Blue Ridge Summit drain lines or sewer pipes are no longer working properly, it is important that you call a professional as soon as possible to inspect and repair the problem. We offer comprehensive drain and sewer line repair services in Blue Ridge Summit.
  • Water Treatment Systems – If the water in your home has high levels of sediment or ground minerals that are causing damage to your fixtures or ruining the taste of that water, call us for an appointment to learn more about installing a water treatment system in Blue Ridge Summit today.
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