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About Larry & Sons

Why Work For Us?

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Larry & Sons is a family–owned and operated company with a stellar team of HVAC and plumbing professionals. We offer our employees competitive salaries and excellent benefits, as well as advancement opportunities.

  • Enjoy a fun, family–oriented work environment.
  • Employee recognition program– where your efforts are recognized & greatly appreciated.
  • Strong growth opportunity– professionally, personally and financially.

Start 2013 with a fresh career. We are looking to hire immediately experienced plumbers, HVAC install and service technicians. We offer amazing benefits including:

  • Relocation Assistance
  • Employee Health Insurance paid by employer
  • Family Health Insurance available
  • HSA and traditional accounts
  • Vision & Dental Insurance available
  • Short / Long term disability is available
  • 401K retirement plan
  • Paid holidays and paid time off days
  • Salary ladders with road map for success
  • Company truck that is fully stocked and driven home at night
  • Tool account to help with purchase of personal tools
  • Paid training programs
  • Free Parking
  • No Cell Phone Charges
  • No Charge for Uniforms
  • Shoe program
  • No Charge for Mileage

Career Advancement:

All of our employees receive organized, professional training to improve their skills on the job. Employees are also engaged in training for marketing support and promotion, ensuring we always promote our professionalism and good work to promote businesses – meaning you never run out of work. Additionally, every Larry & Sons employee has the ability to get ahead and determine their own progression along the salary ladder at our company. By meeting certain training requirements, attending apprenticeship programs, earning additional licenses and demonstrating positive growth, employees can meet measurable goals and earn increased wages, vacation time and other advancements.

The Bigger Picture:

At Larry & Sons, we believe in giving back. We don’t only provide an excellent quality of service to our customers, but continually contribute to causes that affect those in the community. We are proud to be involved in the Washington County Breast Cancer Awareness, Habitat for Humanity, Rescue Mission, Washington County School System — Clothing Drive, Make a Wish Foundation and the Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to provide my own truck?

Larry and Sons will provide a truck for you to drive on the job and take home at night based on your position. Larry and Sons will also pay for the fuel and maintenance for the vehicle! We do ask you to keep it clean and let us know of any issues by performing a weekly truck inspection check.

What about uniforms??

You enjoy comfortable clean uniforms maintained and laundered @ no cost to the you. The uniform service includes shirts, pants, t–shirts, leather work boots, hats, coat, and disposable coverall suit. The only item you need to provide is a black belt.

Do I need to provide my own tools?

You are responsible for your own hand tools, but we do provide a tool account that allows the cost of these tools to be deducted in small amounts from your paycheck. If you need a certain hand tool – any brand – let us know and we can provide it for you.

What about vacation time?

Employees receive five paid holidays and three personal days. After one year, you will receive a week of paid vacation.

What about health insurance?

Employees receive full health benefits with the option to purchase coverage for your family, vision, dental, and short/long term disability. We offer a high deductible health plan (HDHP) with an HSA option.

Is there a retirement option?

We offer a 401k retirement plan. You can choose a Roth or traditional plan and we also provide support in financial planning.

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