What Is Trenchless Pipe Replacement?

A vision many homeowners have when they think about replacing the water or sewer line that runs under their property is of a power digger ripping apart the grass of their lawn to reach down to where the pipe lies buried. The excavation work in this scenario looks as extensive as if an in-ground swimming pool were being put in…except the end result isn’t anything so luxurious.

This nightmare image isn’t far from the truth of pipe replacement. Or at least, what pipe replacement used to be. Today, you no longer have to worry about plumbers turning your yard into an archeological dig when you need to have pipe sections of your sewer or water line replaced. Thanks to trenchless no-dig technology, the job will only take a few hours and leave your yard virtually untouched.

Larry & Sons, Inc. can handle Middletown, MD trenchless pipe replacement that will make your life much easier and keep the outside of your home looking beautiful. Make us your first call for all major and minor plumbing needs.

So How Does Trenchless Pipe Replacement Work?

The core concept of trenchless pipe replacement is feeding a replacement pipe into an older pipe, then expanding the replacement segment so the outer pipe cracks apart and the new one takes its place.

To start the job, the trenchless technicians locate the two ends of the pipe section they are replacing, then dig two small access holes down to reach both ends. If one of the ends opens up inside your home, then they will only need to dig one hole. The plumbers slide the replacement pipe into one end of the older pipe, and a hydraulic system on the other end draws the new pipe completely through and into position. Once this step is finished, a device called a pipe-burster pushes through the new pipe, which expands to shatter the old pipe and fix the new one in its place. The plumbers connect the ends of the new pipe to the existing plumbing system.

The clean-up afterwards is simple: the plumbers only need to fill in the two holes and cover them over, and your yard is back to what it was before with almost no trace of the work. The whole process should only require a few hours.

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You no longer have to sacrifice your front or backyard to the ravages of power digging equipment that will keep the outside of your home looking like a construction site over multiple days. Just contact our Middletown, MD trenchless pipe replacement experts at Larry & Sons, Inc., and we can have the work done fast and leave you with a pristine lawn. Give us a call today to set up your next appointment.