Hagerstown Plumber’s Guide: Problems with Older Water Heaters

A water heater is an important appliance in any Hagerstown home. It makes it possible for you to take a hot shower or bath and use your washing machine or dishwasher. However, like any other home appliance, a water heater also starts to develop problems over time.

Problems with Older Water Heaters

  • Reduced Performance due to Hard Water Contaminants Build Up

Contaminants from hard water accumulate over time on the bottom of your water heater tank. This affects the performance of the heater and reduces its lifespan. You can avoid this problem by having a professional remove these deposits periodically.

  • Not Sufficient Water

This is one of the common problems in older water heater. If your water heater does not heat enough water, you can contact a professional to check the thermostat and heating element. If they are not working properly, they should be replaced with new ones.

  • Not Sufficiently Hot Water

If your older water heater does not heat the water sufficiently, the problem may be in the thermostats or heating elements. Adjusting the thermostat settings or replacing the thermostat can help you solve this problem.

  • Dirty or Discolored Water

Over time, the tank in the water heater becomes rusty. Dirt accumulates on the tank, causing problems. Draining and flushing the tank on a regular basis can help increase the lifespan of the heater. If the tank is rusty, you need to replace the water heater.

  • Strange Noises

If you hear a strange noise whenever you turn on the water heater, it could mean that the tank has lots of buildup in the bottom. The buildup reduces the ability of the tank to keep the water hot for a long period, and so the burner turns on often to keep the water hot. In such cases, you need to hire an experienced professional to fix the problem.

  • Pilot Light Problem

If the pilot light on the heater does not remain lit, the problem may be in the thermocouple. Replacing it can help you get rid of this problem.

If your Hagerstown water heater is nearing the end of its life expectancy period, you can consider replacing it with a new one, so that you can stop wasting money on your energy bill every month. Call Larry & Sons Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today to learn about our Hagerstown water heater replacement services!

Myersville Plumber’s Tip: What You Need to Know About Point of Use Water Heaters

For years, most people in Myersville have used the same system to heat their water. A single tank that heats and stores water at a set temperature for whenever it is needed. That system, as well as it works, is not very efficient, and with costs for gas and oil rising so much in recent years, many people are looking for better ways to heat their water.

That’s where point of use water heating comes in. These tankless water heaters are designed to heat your water when you need it heated instead of filling a tank of 50 or 60 gallons and heating it continuously even when you don’t.

How Point of Use Water Heaters Work

A point of use water heater works by directly heating the water supply to a single fixture. So, you would install a point of use water heater on your kitchen sink and only one water supply pipe would go to that heater. When you turn on the hot water faucet, the point of use heater would turn on (using electricity) and heat your water to 170 degrees F.

These devices only work on a single fixture at a time but they are much less expensive to purchase than a whole house tankless hot water system. Additionally, you can control where hot water is available.

The Advantages of Point of Use Hot Water

A tank hot water system can cost hundreds of dollars of year extra to run, especially if your family doesn’t use much hot water. Imagine what happens if you have four children that go off to college. Your “just big enough” tank suddenly becomes way too big and your bill stays unnecessarily high.

Point of use heaters allow you to decide where hot water is available and have instantly available hot water as you need it. The cost of the units and installation is affordable for most Myersville homeowners and you don’t have to commit to a whole house system if you are not ready.