Spring Savings: 10 Ways to Save Money & Energy

Spring has sprung and the weather is definitely warming up. With flowers blooming and the sun out for longer periods, it is the perfect time to go around your home or office and implement some spring saving tips.

10 Tips & Tricks for Spring Savings

1. Inspect doors and windows for damage and air leaks. Replace screens and bent frames if necessary. For air leaks smaller than a ¼ inch, use weatherproof caulk. Any gaps or openings larger than a ¼ inch, use expandable foam spray.

2. Consider purchasing solar screens to block out more of the sun’s rays.

3. Close your windows during the day and shut the blinds/curtains when the sun is out. Conversely, if the temperature drops at night, consider opening up a few windows to take advantage of nature’s free cooling. Just remember to close them again when you wake up.

4. If your screens are still functional, but dirty, you can clean them with mild detergent, water, and a soft bristle brush.

5. Inspect you home for water leaks. You can do this by turning off all water-using appliances and then going to your water meter box to see if the water dial continues to move. The best resource we have found for finding and fixing water leaks is smarthomewaterguide.org. Water meters have a leak detection dial, indicated below:

 Save Money & Energy

Via horizonutilities

6. If your water meter indicates a leak, check your toilets, sinks, and outdoor hoses/irrigation for leaks. Learn how to fix a leaking toilet here.

7. Inspect your basement and crawl spaces for any excessive moisture or mold. Be on the lookout for signs of water and moisture around your home. Mold and mildew causes many health problems and can be very dangerous. If you suspect mold and moisture in your home, call a professional plumber to inspect the situation and recommend solutions. If you suspect an indoor air quality issue, give Larry & Sons a call for your whole-home inspection.

8. Install a programmable thermostat for maximum savings. You can schedule your HVAC system to turn itself on and off at designated times. Smart thermostats like the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart and the Nest Learning Thermostat allow you to make thermostat changes from the convenience of your smart phone. Contact Larry & Sons to get a smart thermostat installed today!

9. Seal you air ducts! Watch this video to learn how. Ironically, don’t use duct tape. Use either mastic sealant or aluminum foil tape.

If you are in need of duct sealing services, we can help. Larry & Sons has been offering duct sealing services for many years throughout Hagerstown, Frederick, MD, and the surrounding areas. Our technicians are highly trained and we have the most state-of-the-art equipment available.

10. Schedule you annual air conditioning tune-up! In addition to increased energy efficiency (up to 15%), regular maintenance is usually required to keep your manufacturer’s warranty in effect. In addition to remembering to check and/or change your filter every month, the most important thing a homeowner can do to ensure optimum levels of HVAC efficiency is to schedule annual HVAC maintenance. Call Larry & Sons to schedule your appointment. Sign up for our maintenance plan and you will receive FREE ANNUAL HVAC TUNE-UPS!

Looking for more ways to save money and energy this spring?

Spring Savings TipsVia energy.gov

To learn more about spring savings, schedule a professional home energy audit in Maryland with Larry & Sons  — 301-733-5428.

We service Hagerstown, Frederick, and the surrounding Maryland areas. We also service parts of West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

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Energy-Efficient Home: Energy and Money Saver Infographic

Energy-Efficient Home

This Energy Saver infographic by energy.gov highlights the key areas of your home that could use some attention. In order to reap the benefits of an energy-efficient home, you must be aware of the areas of your home that are most prone to high energy use.

Although using energy efficient light bulbs, programmable thermostats, and new appliances will certainly help curb your energy use, pay attention to tip number 8:

Consult a home performance contractor to achieve large savings.

Larry & Sons Energy-Efficient Home

Home Energy Audit: The First Step Toward an Energy-Efficient Home

Home Energy Audit, otherwise known as a home performance evaluation, is the best thing you can do as a homeowner to seal up your drafty home for maximum savings. Before you do any major home improvements or renovations like replacing your HVAC system or paying for attic and basement insulation, you will want to make sure that you are using your money wisely.

A Home Energy Auditor will conduct a complete home assessment of your energy use and leaks using high-tech gear, such as infrared cameras, blower door tests, combustion analyzers, manometers, and moisture meters.

Certified Home Energy Auditors, like Larry & Sons Plumbing and Air, will conduct a comprehensive home energy report for you, which will cut on average 15-40% off your energy bill every month. Well, the audit itself won’t save you any money, but the recommended efficiency upgrades and improvements will! Getting the information you need is the first step on your road to an energy-efficient home.

Our energy audits can help address the following issues:

  • Poor insulation
  • Leaky ductwork
  • Inefficient heating system
  • Drafty areas or cold spots
  • Need for better ventilation
  • Moisture control issues

For a more comfortable, energy-efficient home, better indoor air quality, and lower energy bills, schedule your home energy audit with Larry & Sons today!

For a do-it-yourself home energy audit guide, visit energy.gov.

The DIY version toward an energy-efficient home is long and complicated. You must make up for the fact that you do not own the equipment necessary to perform a quick and nonintrusive assessment.

If this is all too much of a project, the next best thing is to have your heating and cooling system checked out and tuned up by a professional every year. Space heating accounts for over 40% of your home’s energy use. If your furnace or heater is inefficient, you could be losing up to half of this energy. When the technician is there, you can ask as many questions about energy efficiency as you want.

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to schedule your annual heating tune-up. We offer installation, maintenance and repair of boilers, furnaces, heat pumps, and geothermal systems. An energy-efficient home starts with your HVAC system.

With our maintenance plan, we’ll remind you of your annual tune-up, provide 15% off all repairs, and much more!

To learn about all the areas in your home where you could be saving, schedule a professional home energy audit in Maryland with Larry & Sons  — 301-733-5428.

We service Hagerstown, Frederick, and the surrounding Maryland areas. We also service parts of West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

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