Advantages of a Ductless Mini-Split System

Do you have one or more areas of your home that never get comfortable? It can be frustrating when you run the air conditioner all day and your office or bedroom just never seems to reach the desired temperature.

ductless mini-split system advantages

Thankfully, there is an easy solution for conditioning areas of the home that don’t get enough from the central unit: a Daikin ductless mini-split unit It is called a ductless mini-split because it can be installed without have to add or connect air ducts.

ductless mini-split air conditioning infographic

What is a ductless mini-split system?

A ductless mini split system is an indoor handling unit that is installed in the room you desire and connected to an outdoor condenser unit (much smaller than typical heat pumps) by means of tubing. Refrigerant is passed through the tubing passing heat from one area to another. Rather than having to install conventional ductwork, all that is needed is a 3-inch hole in the outside wall.

You can either install ductless mini-splits to supplement your existing central air unit or completely replace your system them. Using ductless mini-split systems as a supplement will help you to avoid spending a lot of money to resize your current heating and cooling system.

Here are some areas of the home that could benefit from a ductless mini-split unit:

  • Additions
  • Garage
  • Basement
  • Attic
  • Home Office
  • Bedroom
  • Home Without Ductwork

6 Advantages of a Ductless Mini-Split System

Small Size – With a small outdoor compressor and an even smaller wall mount unit, you won’t even notice it’s there. No additional ducts need to be installed, making the ductless mini-split system a very discrete heating and cooling method.

Quiet Operation – Small, ductless units provide whisper-level silence.

Easy to Install – Copper tubing, carrying refrigerant, runs through a small hole in the exterior wall from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. These systems are easier to install since they don’t require ducts that take up a lot of space.

Flexible – You can choose where you want the indoor unit – on the wall, ceiling, or floor. Most ductless mini-split systems can support multiple indoor air handlers, giving you the option to expand later. Each room can have its own remote thermostat control.

Energy Efficient – All ductless mini-split systems meet the minimum efficiency standards for central heat pumps and usually exceed them. Without having to pass air through leaky and inefficient ductwork, your air handler can release the conditioned air right into your living space. This improves energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality – The Daikin Quaternity ductless mini-split unit include air purification and humidity regulators so that your air remains clean and properly humidified.

Click here for more information on Daikin’s Quaternity Ductless Mini-Split Systems.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Frederick Home’s Heating System

Are you thinking of upgrading to a high-efficiency heating system in your Frederick home? Whether you want a new furnace, heat pump, or geothermal system, there are some things to consider before you upgrade. There are also a few ways to get the most out of your system after it has been installed.

At Larry & Sons, we want to help our customers get the most out of their heating investment, so we’ve put together a short list of things to help you take full advantage of a new heating system.

Heating Bills

Regardless of the type of fuel you use, you can help maintain lower heating bills if you know what you typically pay throughout the season. If you haven’t kept a record of your bills, call your gas or electric company and ask for a copy of your fuel usage over the course of the winter for at least two seasons. This will help you formulate an energy saving goal, as well as a goal for how much you want to pay for heat in an average month. You may decide that you want to switch to a different kind of fuel to help save money.

Overall Home Efficiency

Before making any changes to your heating system, make sure that there aren’t any other upgrades you can make in your home first. Whether it’s adding more insulation to your attic, or sealing off areas where there are large air leaks, you won’t get the most out of those savings without doing this before installing a high-efficiency heating system. Installing double-paned windows, storm doors, and even adding ventilation for better airflow will help overall home efficiency. Once the system is in place, consider installing a programmable thermostat that is compatible with your system so that you aren’t heating the house during times that it’s not necessary.

Size and BTU

Sizing a heating system is an important part of the installation process. While your contractor should know what size is appropriate for your home, you should be able to tell if your current system provides enough BTUs for your heating needs. Talk with a Frederick heating expert at Larry & Sons about your options.

Frederick, MD Heating Guide: Pros and Cons of Heating Systems

Boilers, Heatpumps or Furnaces in Frederick, MD?After a warm, humid summer night, you might look forward to the cooler temperatures of fall and the occasional beautiful snowfalls of winter. But you’ll need a solid heating system in Frederick to get through the coldest days just as much as you need a powerful air conditioner for the warmest days. If you’re looking to get a new heating system installed for the Maryland fall or winter season, you should familiarize yourself with the different kinds currently available. Don’t get hasty picking a new heater: no matter how attractive one model may sound, it might not fit the needs of your home.

As you consider the pros and cons of these systems, keep Larry & Sons in mind: with our half century of experience, we can make the choice easier—and the installation a snap!


Boilers use hot water circulating through radiators or baseboards to heat your home.

  • Pros: Boilers operate with little noise and are very energy efficient. Because they don’t use forced air or ducts, they maintain good quality air and are ideal for people with allergies, asthma, or pets. With fewer moving parts, they have reduced maintenance requirements.
  • Cons: Water leaks can damage furniture and home structures. Boilers take longer to spread warmth because of the time required to heat the water.


Furnaces used forced air sent through vents to provide heat. Most models run off electricity, natural gas, or propane.

  • Pros: New furnaces are much more efficient than older ones. They can work with existing duct systems such as those for air conditioners.
  • Cons: Furnaces are tougher to install if there aren’t already ducts in place. Because they use ducts, the air can become dusty and lower your indoor air quality.

Geothermal heat pumps

Get the heat you need right from the earth!

  • Pros: Here’s a green option for clean and safe energy. Geothermal systems offer large savings because of their reduced fuel use. Like other heat pumps, they can reverse the heat exchange and serve as an air conditioner.
  • Cons: Initial installation can be costly and time-consuming. Even more than other systems, geothermal heat pumps don’t work well in some areas, so it is important to consult a professional technician.

Many factors come into play when you choose to get a new heater installed. For advice in Frederick, MD for heating your home, consult experts like those at Larry & Sons. An energy audit and heat load calculation from an HVAC professional will narrow your choices so you get the system that will give you maximum comfort and energy savings this winter! Give us a call to speak  with a heating specialist at Larry & Sons today!

How Your Thermostat Can Affect Heating Efficiency: A Frederick, MD Heating Guide

Getting the Most From Your Heating System

When most homeowners are having trouble with their heaters, they tend to think that it is a problem with the furnace or boiler itself. It is important to remember that your home heating system in Frederick, MD consists of a number of individual components, though, and that a subpar or faulty performance from any of these components may disrupt the efficiency of your heater. If you are concerned about poor efficiency, or you’re contemplating heating repairs contact Larry & Sons. A professional service technician will be able to pinpoint the problem with your heater and resolve it. Sometimes the cause of your heating inefficiency can even be the thermostat.

Thermostats & Heating Efficiency

Your thermostat is the central control system of your heating system. In order for the heater to know that more heating output is necessary it must receive that signal from your thermostat. This means that the thermostat must register the temperature in the room to restart the heater should the temperature slip below the target goal. If the thermostat is faulty and reads the temperature wrong it can cause the heater to run too often or short cycle frequently. More energy will be used for a lesser performance and energy efficiency will suffer.

Your thermostat does not need to be working improperly in order for it to affect heating efficiency. Even if it is doing its job perfectly it is still controlled by the homeowner, and many homeowners do not know how to use their thermostats properly. To get the most out of your thermostat it is important to familiarize yourself with the device and its features.

If you have a programmable thermostat, for instance, you can use it to set up heating cycles specifically designed for your personal heating habits and schedule. You can save energy by keeping your home cooler during the work day, but still have a comfortably warm home waiting for you when you return. This means you will not be tempted to crank the heat up when you get home.

Before you For more information about how thermostats can affect heating efficiency in your Frederick, MD home, contact Larry & Sons. We can answer all of your questions. Let us help you cut down on your energy costs.