Signs Your Furnace Has a Gas Leak

What’s that nasty smell? If it reminds you of rotten eggs, it could be a gas leak originating from your furnace. While natural gas is odorless on its own, manufacturers are required by law to add a chemical known as mercaptan. This is what gives gas that unmistakable smell.

If you detect the odor of natural gas in your home, get out and call for help immediately. Gas leaks are extremely dangerous and could result in catastrophes like gas furnace explosions. The smell of gas isn’t always the only sign of a gas leak, though. If you notice any of these signs of gas leak, call for help right away.

Signs of a Gas Leak

gas leak signs
Gas meter flickr photo by allenran 917 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Rotten Egg or Sulfur Smell

The chemical that is added to natural gas smells like sulfur or rotten egg. If you notice this uniquely unpleasant aroma, do not ignore it. Even if it isn’t being caused by a gas leak, you could still have a serious problem. Certain electrical issues cause this smell as well.

Hissing Sound

When a leak occurs behind a wall or in a pipe, you may hear it without being able to smell it. When it escapes from the gas line, natural gas makes a distinctive hissing sound. If you hear it, turn off your gas supply, if possible, and call for help.

Dead Patches in your Lawn

Gas lines run underground before entering your home and connecting to your furnace. If there is a spot on your lawn that is dying, you could have an underground gas leak. In addition, if a gas line runs underneath a pond or even a large puddle on your property, persistent bubbling could indicate a leak.

What to Do When You Have a Gas Leak

If you smell or hear a gas leak or if you have another reason to suspect you may have one, vacate the premises immediately. Don’t use anything that could cause a spark – including your cell phone. Wait until you are far away before calling anyone for assistance. If possible, turn off the main gas supply to your home. You may want to contact the fire department or your gas company for fast help in emergency situations. Contact a licensed service company that can respond quickly and repair the damage before disaster strikes.

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5 Possible Causes of Uneven Heating – And How to Fix Them!

The official beginning of winter may still be a few days away, but the season clearly already has a firm grasp on the Hagerstown area. If you’re feeling the chill in some rooms more than others, there are a few potential causes.

If you’re dealing with uneven heating in your home, keep reading to learn more about some of the most common causes and how to solve them.

Common Causes of Uneven HeatingUneven Heating in Hagerstown

  1. Clogged Filters. If you aren’t replacing your HVAC filters according to your system manufacturer’s recommendations, a clogged filter could be causing your uneven heating problems. Dust and other pollutants restrict airflow and can prevent heated air from reaching all areas of your home. Check your filters regularly, and replace them as needed.
  2. Blocked Registers. Make sure the registers in your home are clear. Even if they look unobstructed, take a peek inside – especially if you have kids! Remove any obstructions, then wait an hour or so to see if that solved your problem.
  3. If you have a spot on your roof or at the top of a wall that leaks water during a rain storm, that area could also be leaking warm air. You could also have leaky air ducts that are allowing warm air to escape prior to reaching all the rooms of your home. Have your roof and ducts inspected by a professional. You may need to invest in air duct sealing or have your roof resealed or your attic insulated to keep warm air inside your home where it belongs.
  4. Defective Blower or Heat Pump. A defective heat pump or blower can prevent your heating system from circulating air throughout your home. Whether it’s just not working as it should or it’s stopped working completely, a broken blower or heat pump needs to be repaired or replaced immediately.
  5. Undersized Furnace. Uneven heating could be caused by something as simple as a heating system that isn’t properly sized for your home. Have a professional conduct an assessment to determine how large of a furnace you need, and replace your undersized heating system as soon as possible.

Uneven Heating

If you’re dealing with uneven heating, Larry & Sons can help. We offer a full range of heating services, and we can help you determine the cause of your problem and provide you with a solution that suits your needs as well as your budget.

At Larry & Sons, we believe that being cold and uncomfortable inside your own home is unacceptable! Contact us today for the heating services you need to stay warm and cozy this winter. Call Larry & Sons for heating repair in Hagerstown and beyond!

Tips for Recognizing the Need for Heating Repair in Frederick, MD

When it comes to heating repair, Frederick MD residents can’t afford to take chances. Problems with your heating system don’t always result in a sudden breakdown. They can creep up on you over time, often making themselves known in the middle of winter just when you need your heater the most. Maryland’s cold season can get quite arduous, and a lengthy repair service could leave your home as cold as an ice box. The sooner you can spot a potential problem, the better your chances of nipping it in the bud. Here are some tips for recognizing the need for heating repair in Frederick, MD.

  • Your bills go up. As time and use take their toll on your heating components, you’ll see the effects in higher bills. These aren’t necessarily repair bills, but rather normal monthly bills covering regular use of your heat. If you spot those bills creeping up, even if you’re not using your heater more than normal, it’s probably time to call in a repairman.
  • Home isn’t warm enough. If your heater is running, but the air isn’t sufficiently warm, it could suggest a number of growing problems. The pilot light may be having trouble, there could be issue with the thermocouple, or the heating coils may not be functioning as they should (depending on the exact nature of the heater). The malfunctioning component will need to be replaced before the heater works as it should.
  • There isn’t much air flow. Your heater may be warming the air just fine, but if the blower isn’t working, the hot air won’t circulate throughout your home. This could be a problem with the fan blade, the fan belt or the motor running the whole blower system. There may also be a blockage in the system somewhere, preventing the air from flowing like it should.

After recognizing the need for heating repair in Frederick, MD, the next step is to call the pros at Larry & Sons, Inc.. Call us today to set up an appointment.

Frederick, MD Heating Repair Guide: Why Your Pilot Light is Out

In terms of heating repair, Frederick MD ha the same concerns that other cities in the region do. We need reliable heating to handle our cold winter’s days and we don’t need repairs delayed during the times when the temperatures drop the most. A Fredrick, MD heating repair guide is no substitute for quality professional service, but it can help give you a basic sense of why certain malfunctions occur. Take, for example, why your pilot light is out. It’s a significant problem, and understanding the factors involved can help give you a leg up in requesting prompt repairs.

In a gas heater, the pilot light is used to activate the flames that serve as the heating element. When the pilot light goes out, the flames don’t ignite and your heater suddenly becomes inert. The need to address the issue is obvious; the causes can stem from any number of different things:

  • Blocked or corroded tip. When the tip of the pilot light is blocked or corroded with soot or other material, the gas can’t exit it and the light will go out. In some cases, a professional cleaning can restore a blocked pilot light. In other cases, the pilot light apparatus will need to be replaced.
  • Blocked gas line. In other circumstances, the gas line itself may be clogged or have a breach, in which case the pilot light won’t get any gas at all. Whenever you think there is a problem with your gas line, call for professional service immediately.
  • Air Intake:  Your pilot light needs oxygen to burn. If you have a problem with your air intake, your pilot light might not be able to stay lit. This is usually caused by a clog, but you should always have a contractor take a look if you think this is a problem to make sure there are no other underlying issues.

If you need to know why your pilot light is out and want to get it fixed again, contact Larry & Sons for help. We specialize in heating repair in Frederick MD and the surrounding areas, and our trained experts are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Call us today to set up an appointment.