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Tag: hard water

Dry Skin and Hair? Ask Your Plumber About a Water Softener!

Monday, August, 29th, 2016 at 2:05 pm by larrysons-seequs

Dry skin and hair? Believe it or not, a call to your plumber could be the solution! Hard water wreaks havoc on your skin, hair and even your home’s plumbing fixtures and appliances, but with a water softener, all these problems are a thing of the past. How Hard Water Causes Dry Skin and Hair Hard water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium that interact with the chemicals in bath products, preventing them from dissolving [Read More...]

Hard Water Problems: The Cholesterol of Plumbing

Thursday, August, 20th, 2015 at 3:39 pm by larrysons-seequs

Aside from ice, what is hard water?  All jokes aside, the difference between hard and soft water lies in the number of dissolved minerals your water contains.  Water dissolves the metals and other minerals surrounding it, which means untreated ground-water will typically have higher mineral concentrations in the form of magnesium and calcium ions. As more and more minerals are added to the water, the number of grains per gallon (GPG) increases.  Water is rated [Read More...]