3 Common Methods of Drain Cleaning

Clogs are one of those “everyday” plumbing problems. We sincerely hope that you aren’t experiencing sink clogs every day (and if you are, give us a call immediately), but they are an occurrence that people expect to happen on a routine basis.

Sometimes you can clear out a clog with a plunger, which is a safe and simple method to do the job. If the plunger doesn’t work, do not resort to liquid drain cleaners purchased from the store. Instead, call for a plumber for professional drain cleaning in Greencastle, MD. Larry & Sons, Inc. handle drain cleaning that will eliminate clogs and also thoroughly clean your drains to prevent future clogs… we’ll removed the “­everyday” from “everyday clogs.”

3 Ways Professionals Approach Drain Cleaning in Greencastle, MD

  1. Drain augers: Also known as “drain snakes,” these incredibly useful devices are effective at cleaning out most major clogs from sinks without needing to resort to harmful chemicals. They operate similar to corkscrews, except on a long, flexible line. A coil of wires goes down the drain until it reaches the obstruction. Then, a motor turns the end of the wires (some augers are hand-cranked) so they drive down securely into the clog. The plumber can then pull the clog out or break it apart and wash down the rest of the debris.
  2. Hydro-jetting: This advanced technique clears out drains and eliminates large amounts of build-up from the sides of the pipe using the action of high pressure and high temperatures. A hydro-jetter consists of a motorized device to place water under high pressure and a hose with a nozzle that goes down inside drainpipes and blasts out the scalding water to scour the pipe interior. Hydro-jetting is potentially dangerous in amateur hands, so only allow trained plumbers to perform this work on your pipes.
  3. Video pipe inspection: A large part of cleaning drains is finding out what needs to be cleaned and where. Advanced video pipe inspection equipment eliminates much of the guesswork in this process and allows for faster and more effective drain cleaning jobs. Using miniaturized cameras fed down into the pipes and the feed sent back to a monitor, plumbers can ascertain exactly how to best clean out pipes. (This equipment is also invaluable for leak detection and repairs.)

Drain cleaning isn’t a task you should schedule only when clogs are causing problems. Having regular cleaning done every year will help you avoid future clogs and keep safe water pressure levels inside your plumbing.

Call Larry & Sons, Inc. for preventive drain cleaning or other important plumbing services in Greencastle, MD. With our training, equipment, and more than 50 years of experience, we will keep your plumbing at its healthiest. Call us today and speak with one of our qualified plumbing experts.

Some Common Septic Problems

The septic system connected to your house does the job of removing waste, separating the disease-causing pathogens in the waste inside a tank, and then releasing the cleansed and purified water into the soil as usable groundwater through a drain field. (Sometimes the term “septic tank” is used to refer to the entire septic system, although it’s actually only one component.) For a septic system to work properly, it must have routine maintenance to pump out the sludge that develops along the bottom of the tank after the pathogens-filled waste is separated from the water.

Septic problems are rare as long as the system received regular maintenance. But septic repair needs can turn serious when they happen, threatening your plumbing as well as your family’s health. If you spot patches of bright green grass on your lawn over where the tank is buried, or if clogs begin to occur throughout your drains, call for septic repair in Greencastle, MD immediately. Larry & Sons, Inc. has specialists with septic tank repairs ready to assist you.

Problems you may encounter with your septic system

  • Leaking tank or broken lines: The tank of your septic system must remain perfectly sealed so none of the waste inside the tank escapes. Because the must have time time for the waste to settle, leaks from it can release disease-causing organisms into the ground. One of the common ways for these leaks to occur is because of root infiltration into the tank: roots are naturally drawn toward water and nutrients and can work their way into the tank and cause it to leak. Professionals will use camera inspection equipment to find where the problems lie and identify what needs to be fixed.
  • Grease blockage: This occurs if too much grease enters the septic system, which usually originates from kitchen drains. (Important kitchen tip: do not pour liquid grease, fat, or oil down the sinks. Remove these liquids to a trash receptacle.) The thick waxy material from grease, oil, and fat will clog the septic drainfield, stopping the soil from absorbing liquids. If left unclogged, this may require installing a new drainfield.
  • Sludge build-up: This is the most common cause for septic tank backups, and the main reason you need to have regular septic system maintenance to pump the tank. If the sludge level along the bottom of the tank continues to rise, it will eventually block the incoming lines, and the backup of sewage will start to enter your house. Have the tank pumped as soon as possible.

Move fast on any issue with your septic tank before it becomes a health concern or begins to damage your property. Call Larry & Sons, Inc. for quality septic tank services in Greencastle, MD. We have more than 50 years of history helping people maintain and repair their septic systems.

Chambersburg, PA Heating Tip: How Air Duct Conditions Affect Your Home

The conditions of your air ducts can affect your Chambersburg, PA home in many ways. Not only does it decrease overall home efficiency, but it also can impact your indoor air quality. That’s why you should hire an HVAC contractor who provides comprehensive services, including indoor air quality and home efficiency services. At Larry & Sons, we can help you with all your ductwork needs. If you think you might have a problem with dirty air ducts or damaged ductwork, call us today!

Leaky Ductwork

Leaky ductwork is a common problem in homes, and it is one of the leading causes of inefficiency in homes. Loose joints, holes, cracks, and other damages can cause air leaks, but poorly designed ductwork can also be the cause. While you may not need to completely replace the ductwork, you should call a heating expert to assess the damage. We offer duct sealing and repair services and will find the most cost-effective solution for you.

Duct Inspection and Auditing

You may think can feel when your home is leaking air, but leaks are hard to detect physically. We recommend visually inspecting your air ducts on occasion for warnings signs. You can also ask for a home energy audit to pinpoint specific areas in your home that are leaking air. Call us to have a Chambersburg heating and cooling professional when you notice the following:

  • Unusually high utility bills
  • Inconsistent heating or cooling
  • Damaged ductwork

While there may be other issues involved, these signs are typically caused by leaky ductwork. There can be a number of remedies for your home leaky ductwork, so call the Chambersburg, PA heating professionals at Larry & Sons to help you out what solutions are best for you and your family!

Blue Ridge Summit Heating Replacement: What You Should Consider Before Upgrading Your System

Many Blue Ridge Summit homeowners who heat their homes with an older heating system—whether it’s a furnace or a heat pump—may want to consider upgrading to a more efficient system. Older furnaces with an AFUE rating of less than 80%, for instance, could be costing you a lot more than you realize in heating bills.

While it is a significant initial investment, upgrading to a more efficient furnace or heat pump will pay for itself in energy savings. Before you decide on whether or not an upgrade is right for your Blue Ridge Summit home, here are some things to keep in mind.

Fuel Costs

Some types of fuel, such as electricity, are more expensive in certain areas. Depending on where you live, you may want to compare the cost of fuel before choosing a heating upgrade. In fact, natural gas may or may not be available to your home. Check with your utility company to find out what types of fuel are available and which ones would be more cost-efficient for heating your home. You can always call a qualified HVAC technician if you have any questions about a heating system upgrade.


Whenever you are thinking about upgrading your heating system, you’ll want to make sure your home is properly insulated and sealed. If you purchase and install a highly efficient furnace, it won’t save as much in energy bills if your house is poorly insulated. Get a home energy audit with a local energy resource organization if you aren’t sure. You might want to also consider upgrading your old windows and doors, or installing storm doors and windows to improve air tightness.

Property Value

A lot of homeowners forget that any upgrade or remodeling project will increase the value of their home. Not only will a heating system upgrade lower your heating bills; it will also add value to your home and property. Always make sure you choose the right system for your home so that it lasts as long as possible.

If you are considering upgrading the heating system call Larry & Sons to speak with one of our in your Blue Ridge Summit heating repair experts to ask about our quality products and installation services.