Summer Is Ending. Don’t Forget About Furnace Maintenance!

It may be a while before your hats and gloves come out for the winter, but as summer comes to an end, it’s important to start thinking about your furnace service.  Temperatures plummet during fall and winter, and you don’t want to discover a furnace problem when you need it most!

Now is a good time to perform a basic checkup and some standard maintenance to make sure you’ll have heat in the coming months. Give your furnace some TLC now, and you’re less likely to have problems later!

End of Summer Furnace Maintenance

Fall Furnace Maintenance
Replace your furnace filters! Dirty filters can cause premature system failure.
  • Replace your filters. Even if you do nothing else, change your filters. Regular filter changes keep HVAC systems running smoothly. Dirty filters cause the system to work harder, often resulting in premature failure.
  • Make sure your vents are clear. Obstructed supply vents can’t release warm air. Make sure all the vents in your home are unblocked by furniture, drapery, etc.
  • Check blowers and burners. Dust builds up on furnace burners during the summer. Before your furnace kicks on for the first time this season, remove dust and other debris to prevent a potential fire hazard. Also, make sure the burner is rust-free and properly aligned. Oil the blower motor to prevent unwanted noise and keep it running smoothly.
  • Schedule a furnace maintenance checkup. If you aren’t familiar with how your system works, we recommend scheduling a professional HVAC checkup. A technician will go over your furnace and your entire HVAC system to make sure everything is in good working order and make recommendations as needed. Checkups are an important part of maintaining your furnace because they allow professional to detect minor problems before they become major. Check out our maintenance program!

Hagerstown Furnace Maintenance

You might not be ready to see summer come to an end, but cooler days will be here soon. Contact us today for Hagerstown furnace maintenance to ensure that your heating system won’t fail on the first cold day of the season. Call 301-733-5428.

Getting Your Furnace Ready for Winter

So far, we’ve been pretty lucky as far as temperatures go this year, but the fact remains that, sooner or later, those temperatures are going to plummet. If you haven’t already prepped your furnace for the upcoming winter months, now is the time to do it. In this part of the country, having a good heating system is crucial, and the last thing anyone wants is to be stuck with a broken furnace when winter’s chill really sets in. Avoid panic by making sure your furnace is in good working order before disaster strikes.

Preparing You Furnace for Winter

Clean Up

If you’ve stored anything near your furnace while it hasn’t been in use, remove it. Also, make sure there isn’t anything on top of or in front of your air ducts or return vents as obstructions could prevent proper air flow and efficient heating.

Replace your furnace filter, and clean dust and debris from vents and burners.

If you have a chimney, inspect it, and remove any debris or bird nests. If it hasn’t been professionally inspected recently, consider calling in an expert to ensure that it is in good condition.

Test Your Thermostat

A thermostat that isn’t working properly can cause major headaches. To test it, simply turn it on and see how it responds. If you have an older thermostat, consider replacing it, even if it’s working fine. Modern thermostats are more efficient. If you opt for a programmable thermostat, you can set it to automatically lower the temperature when you’re away or sleeping, saving you a considerable amount on your heating bills.

Schedule Maintenance and Repairs Now

Whether you need a helping hand with routine maintenance or you suspect an issue with your furnace, don’t wait until the last second to schedule service. The beginning winter is one of the busiest times of year for , and you don’t want to be left in the cold if your heating system fails.

If you are in need of furnace repair, maintenance or even an inspection just to make sure everything is up to par, don’t delay; contact Larry & Sons now for reliable Hagerstown heating repair, installation and replacement. Call 301-733-5428 today!