What Do Those Bad Smells from My Drain Mean?

A sewage-like odor emanating from one or more of the drains in your home is hard to miss. Not only is it unpleasant, but it may indicate a more serious problem with your plumbing that will need the assistance of plumbing professionals. In some cases, the trouble can be fixed in only a few minutes…in others, the work might require a few days, but you can’t afford to ignore the problem.

Since 1960, the team at Larry & Sons, Inc. has helped Middletown, PA with drain repair services and other sewer line and septic services. If you have bad-smelling drains and the simple solution (which will explain below) doesn’t correct the problem, contact us as soon as you can and we will send one of our experienced plumbers to look into the problem and find an answer.

Reasons for Bad-Smelling Drains

  • Dry p-trap: “P-trap” is the name for the curved pipe section directly beneath your sink. The shape of the pipe is designed to trap a plug of water between the down pipe sections and the drain opening, and this prevents rising sewer gas from escaping up into the house. However, if a sink is not used for a long stretches (this can often occur in the bathrooms of guest houses) the water in the p-trap will evaporate and allow noxious gas to get through. This is easy to fix: run water down the drain for a few minutes to restore the water level in the p-trap.
  • Blocked drain vents: To prevent a build-up of sewer gas pressure inside pipes, drain vents move the gas up to openings on the roof of your house. Should these vents become blocked because of debris or animal nests, it will force the sewer gas back down the pipes; the pressure will be sufficient to push the gas through the water in the p-traps. If you hear a gurgling sound in your drains along with the bad smells, then clogged vents are probably the cause of the problem. Don’t climb up to the roof to unblock the vents yourself! Stay safe and call for professional assistance.
  • Sewer line issues: This is the most serious of all possible causes for bad-smelling drain. Should the sewer line that takes the wastewater from your home out to the municipal sewer system in the street or to your septic tank become blocked from root infiltration or burst, it will start to back up sewage into your drains. If the bad smells are coming from multiple drains, it is likely that the sewer line is responsible. You need to call for help immediately, since this problem can lead to sewage flooding your basement or your home’s foundations.

Larry & Sons, Inc. is a trusted source for drain and sewer services in Middletown, PA. We also handle septic systems and many other plumbing services. If you think that those bad drain odors mean you have repairs that must be taken care of right away, make us your first call.

Signs That You Need Drain Repair

The drainage system on your property plays a crucial part in keeping your home pleasant and hygienic. Whether you drains empty into the municipal sewer system, or into a septic system, it is important to keep the drainage in good condition. Should your sewer line start to develop issues such as breaks, clogs, corrosion, or root infestation, call for professionals to handle the repair work immediately.

There are a number of warning signs you should watch out for that will indicate you need to schedule drain repair service for your home in Waynesboro, PA. When you notice any of these signs, put in a call to Larry & Sons, Inc. We have more than 50 years of experience protecting homes with quality sewer and septic repairs.

Warning Signs That It is Time for Drain Repair in Waynesboro, PA

  • Consistent clogs throughout the house: When the sewer line from your home becomes clogged, it will cause a backup in the drains throughout the house. You will find slow drains and clogs in sinks, showers, and toilets. A single clog usually means an obstruction in the drainpipe, but if the clogs are everywhere it usually means an emergency issue in the sewer line that will need professional plumbers.
  • Foul odors: If the drains in your home are emitting unpleasant, sewage-like smells, you need to call for plumbers immediately. This often indicates a sewage backup from poor drainage that is forcing sewer gases up through the p-traps in the sinks.
  • Damps spot and pools in the yard: If the sewer line or septic tank line springs a leak, the wastewater will begin to rise to the surface and create damp pools that emit noxious odors. When you notice this occurring on your lawn, it’s time to call for plumbers to look into the matter.
  • Water stains in the basement: Be cautious about any water stains that start to show up in your basement, which indicates that sewage is starting to backup because of poor drainage. An increase in vermin like rats will also point toward a problem.

Drainage issues are serious and need immediate attention from professionals; if you let the signs of trouble go without taking action, you risk serious damage to your home from sewage backflow. Even if the drainage problem ends up as an issue in the municipal system (this can sometimes happen), you will still need to hire professionals to reduce the damage in your home.

Give us a call and reach out to Larry & Sons, Inc. whenever you have needs for drain repair or other plumbing services in Waynesboro, PA.

Long Term Benefits of Drain Cleaning in Martinsburg, MD

While we often take our wastewater systems for granted, drains are a critical part of our home plumbing. Without them, we would not be able to dispose of our organic waste and wastewater safely and cleanly. When effective, they give us carefree assurance that our waste is being disposed of properly, passing into the septic tank or to the municipal waste management system. Drain cleaning is an excellent preventive measure homeowners can take to ensure their disposal system operates to the best of its ability. It also tends to prevent major blockages that can result in costly repairs or replacements in the future. Call Larry & Sons for drain cleaning in Martinsburg, MD.

Let’s look at the long term benefits of drain cleaning:

  • Improved system efficiency. Drain cleaning allows your pipes to dispose of your wastewater quickly. The more efficient your waste plumbing, the less of a risk to cross-contamination issues, such as backflow. We do not want organic waste to begin to accumulate inside our piping, which can lead to blockages and piping damage.
  • Improved plumbing lifespan. Drain cleaning is a great way to ensure that your plumbing lasts as long as the rest of your plumbing. Blockages and clogs increase the wear and tear on the material of your drains, whether cast iron, or PVC.
  • Comfort and health. If you’ve ever stood in a pool of standing water during a shower, or witnessed a backflow up through the toilet bowl, then you know how damaged or blocked drains can affect your daily comfort and health. Blocked drains not only reduce the effectiveness of your disposal system, it also can smell up your home, and increase bacteriological growth within your home.
  • Convenience and peace of mind. Preventive maintenance allows you to take control of your home. By preemptively cleaning, you will be able to avoid calling the plumber at an inconvenient time, when entertaining guests, or hosting relatives.

Our comprehensive drain services also include video pipe inspection, when assessing a drain clog or leaky pipe is difficult. For drain cleaning in Martinsburg, MD, call Larry & Sons today!

Frederick, MD Plumber’s Guide: Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Many homeowners take their drains for granted until they’re completely clogged. At Larry & Sons, we know how important your drains are to your ability to carry out daily tasks like bathing and cleaning. We provide complete drain cleaning services in Frederick, MD. We wanted to help our customers in the area recognize the signs that could indicate they need drain cleaning services.

Common Causes of Drain Clauses

At Larry & Sons, we provide fast and reliable drain cleaning services in Frederick, MD. We’ve seen all kinds of drain clogs. Here are a few of the most common causes that we see.

  • Grease and fat – When you pour melted grease or fat down your kitchen sink it will harden when it touches the cool water below. This can form a gooey mess that sticks to everything else that comes down the drain.
  • Minerals – If you have hard water, the minerals in the water can collect in your drains and form a clog.

Slow Drains

Slow drain clearing in Frederick

If you’ve started to notice that your drains are slowing down it probably means that you need to have your drains cleaned. Slow drains mean that you have clogs in your drains and they need to be cleaned out.

Multiple Drain Clogs

When multiple drains in your home start to clog it usually means that you have a clog further down your sewer lines. All of the drains in your home connect to one main sewer line. If there’s a clog in your sewer main it will cause several or all of your drains to stop up.

Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning

In most cases, clogs don’t happen overnight unless you flush something down your toilet or your kitchen sink drain. Clogs normally start to happen slowly. With regular drain cleaning our plumbers will be able to find any kind of clogs that could be building up in your drains. They can clear the clogs out and keep your drains working before they start to slow.

Larry & Sons offers drain cleaning services in Frederick, MD. Call us today if your drains have started to slow down or if they’re completely clogged.