3 Common Problems Air Conditioner Maintenance Prevents

No one wants to deal with a broken down air conditioner in the middle of the summer, especially during a cookout or other gathering. While not all repairs are avoidable, keeping up with routine maintenance could help you prevent some of the most common problems we see here at Larry & Sons.

Properly maintaining your cooling equipment keeps it in excellent condition and helps prevent a number of common issues. Still not convinced that annual AC maintenance is worth the investment? Just consider these problems you could avoid just by giving you AC a bit of TLC.


air conditioner maintenance in hagerstown
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Each summer, we get several calls from homeowners who think they have a plumbing leak. When we get there, though, we quickly realize that all that water is actually coming from the air conditioner. Whether water comes from a plumbing pipe or an air conditioner, it can cause thousands of dollars in damage and cause problems like mold that are difficult to remedy.

When your air conditioner is working like it should, condensation collects and exits your home through the condensate drain. This drain can become clogged, though, leaving water nowhere to go. Eventually it starts leaking inside your home. When you have your system maintained, the condensate drain is inspected and cleaned to help you avoid this all-too-common problem.

Frozen Coils

Having an air conditioner freeze up may not seem like a big deal, but it is a serious problem that could cause permanent damage to your system. When the coil that is responsible for cooling the air inside your home freezes up, it loses the ability to properly circulate refrigerant and remove heat from the air inside your home.

Several problems, including a dirty air filter, low refrigerant or issues with the fan motor, can cause the coil to freeze. Having your system maintained means that they problems will be detected before they can cause serious issues.

Premature System Failure

One of the main reasons to keep up with maintenance is that it helps prevent premature system failure. Modern cooling systems are built to last for several years, but without maintenance, parts begin to wear out. If they are not repaired or replaced, the entire system could eventually fail long before it should.

At Larry & Sons, we offer professional air conditioning services in Hagerstown, Frederick and the surrounding areas. Our technicians are here to help your cooling system run at peak efficiency and keep you and your family comfortable all summer long. If you are overdue for AC maintenance or if you need a hand with minor or major AC repair, contact us today by calling 310-733-5428.

5 Spring and Summer HVAC Tips for Homeowners

You might not give it much thought, but you depend on your HVAC system for a lot. You rely on it to remove contaminants from the air your family breathes and keep your comfortable throughout the year. Even the best HVAC system needs some TLC from time to time.

Check out these spring and summer HVAC tips to learn how to keep your system in excellent condition over the next few months.

Clean or Replace the Filter

Keeping up with cleaning or replacing filters is one of the most important steps when taking care of your HVAC system. We recommend performing filter maintenance in the spring and fall, or according to the manufacturer’s specifications. In addition to allowing airborne contaminants to circulate throughout your home, a dirty filter could force your system to work harder, resulting in higher bills and even system failure.

spring and summer hvac tips
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Give Your AC Some Breathing Room

Whether you’ve already fired your AC up for the season or you’re getting ready to for the first time this year, make sure it has some room to breathe. The outdoor unit needs to have at least 1’ of clearance on all sides. Get rid of dirt, leaves and other debris, and trim any bushes that are touching the unit.

Examine Your Ducts

Leaky ducts add up to serious heating and cooling loss. This drives up your bills and forces your system to work harder to keep your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Check for holes and gaps periodically, and repair any you find right away.

Keep the Vents Open

Closing a few vents in rooms you don’t use often might seem like a good way to lower your energy costs, but it actually could drive them even higher. When some vents are closed, the system is forced to work harder to achieve the correct temperature inside your home.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Having your HVAC system professionally maintained is, by far, the absolute best way to save money and avoid breakdowns. At Larry & Sons, we recommend having us service your system annually. When you call us, we will clean or replace filters, clean and inspect motors and blowers, test safety controls, and much more.

At Larry & Sons, we are here to help with all of your HVAC maintenance needs in Hagerstown and the surrounding areas. If you have any questions about these HVAC tips or need help taking care of your HVAC system this spring or summer, please call 301-733-5428.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Electric Heat Pump

A heat pump is one of the most efficiency options for residential heating. They operate like a furnace during the winter, and in the summer, they provide efficient cooling. Both gas and electric heat pumps are available. If you’re thinking about investing in an electric heat pump, here are a few of the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Electric Heat Pumps

Advantages of Electric Heat Pumps
heat pump

Electric heat pumps are extremely efficient. During the winter, they absorb heat from the ground or atmosphere, multiply it, and transfer it throughout the home. In the summer, the pump removes heat from the home, resulting in a cooling effect.

An electric heat pump is more affordable to use than a heating system fueled by natural gas, and it doesn’t generate dry air. This means you won’t have to use a humidifier like you may need to when using a furnace.

Your heat pump will also provide even heating, and you won’t experience frequent fluctuations in temperature. Electric pumps are quiet, and they don’t pollute the environment when in use.

Disadvantages of Electric Heat Pumps

The initial cost of purchasing an electric heat pump is the primary drawback for many homeowners. These systems are relatively difficult to install, and the installation must be completed by a qualified electrician or HVAC technician.

Your heat pump also requires a bit of maintenance. If you don’t care for it properly, it may not operate efficiently throughout its lifespan.

Heat Pump in Hagerstown

If you’re thinking about investing in a heat pump in Hagerstown or the surrounding areas, trust Larry & Sons. We’re proud to offer top-of-the-line electric heat pumps, and we can help you choose the model that is best suited to your home as well as your budget. Though the initial investment may seem steep, purchasing a heat pump is an excellent way to save money on your heating bills in the long run.

To learn more about electric heat pumps or to schedule a service call, contact us today by calling 301-733-5428.