Getting Your Bathroom Back-to-School Ready

As the kids head back to school for a new year, many frazzled parents are looking for ways to make their lives and homes more organized. The morning rush is one of the most chaotic parts of the day, and since the bathroom is the center of a lot of the action, bathroom organization only makes sense.


Check out these helpful bathroom plumbing tips for a more efficient bathroom this school yet.

Back-to-School Bathroom Tips

  1. Tackle the Clutter. Bathroom drawers and cabinets quickly attract all kinds of clutter, and when they’re overflowing, it’s difficult to find exactly what you need. Before the new school year begins, sort through everything, and get rid of expired personal care products and medications. Sort everything you need to keep into small bins or organizers. If possible, give each person his or her own drawer where they can store their essentials.
  2. Make Use of Shelves. If drawer, counter and cabinet space is limited in your bathroom, utilize shelving. Shelves are easy to install, and they make it simple to control the clutter. They’re perfect for storing bulky items like towels, washcloths and personal care items to keep them off the counter.
  3. Invest in an Upgrade. If your old, outdated bathroom isn’t functional for your family, maybe it’s time to consider upgrading. With and Larry & Sons, you can have a brand new bathroom in as little as one day. With bathroom remodeling products, we can make your old bathroom look like new and add additional storage for more organized mornings.

Hagerstown Bathroom Remodeling

At Larry & Sons, we are proud to offer one-day Hagerstown bathroom remodeling using only the finest products. products come with a limited lifetime warranty, and they cost a lot less than you may think. To find out how we can make your bathroom more functional, contact us today by calling 301-733-5428.

One-Day Bathroom Remodeling in Hagerstown

Are you tired of your old, outdated bathroom? Or are you thinking you may need to swap out your existing tub and shower for an easily accessible walk-in shower? If you’re like many people, you may believe that a bathroom remodel is out of your reach due to the cost. If so, you’re wrong. At Larry & Sons, we are proud to offer one-day bathroom remodels using top-of-the-line products from Bath Planet.

One-Day Bathroom Remodels in Hagerstown Bathroom Remodeling

With one-day bathroom remodels in Hagerstown are possible and highly affordable. Bath Planet offers a line of high-quality bathroom remodeling products, and Larry & Sons is proud to be an authorized distributor and installer of these industry-leading materials.

What is Bath Planet?

Bath Planet specializes in one-day bathroom remodeling. It is the fastest growing manufacturer of acrylic bathroom products in the United States. The produces are manufactured in the USA, and they are of the highest quality.

Bath Planet’s bathroom remodeling products have earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, and of all the bath products currently on the market, Bath Planet’s line is the only one to have earned this award.

How Does It Work?

When you choose Larry & Sons and for your one-day bathroom remodeling in Hagerstown, the work will most often be completed in just one day. We’ll begin the process with an in-home consultation, and a design expert will work with you to design the bathroom of your dreams. Bath Planet products come in several stylish colors and pattern, and our design expert will help you choose the ones that will perfectly suit your home.

We will take a series of precise measurements and take detailed photographs of the space, and using this information, we will have your bathroom components manufactured to the precise specifications of your bathroom. When the finished products come in, we will install them quickly and efficiently. Bathroom remodels are of the highest quality, and the entire project is backed by our worry-free guarantee.

Call Us For Your Bathroom Remodel

Don’t waste another minute with a bathroom you hate. Contact Larry & Sons today to learn more about one-day bathroom remodeling in Hagerstown using Bath Planet’s products.

8 Hacks for an Amazing Bathroom

You don’t have to be rich to turn your bathroom into your favorite room in your house. If a total bathroom remodel isn’t in the budget right now, check out these cheap bathroom hacks that will surely have you singing a happy tune in the shower!

Bathroom Hacks

Install a Curved Shower Rod

Curved Shower Rod

Image Source

Shower feeling a bit cramped? Replacing your standard shower curtain rod with a curved one gives you some elbow room and makes your shower feel roomier without actually taking up any additional space in your bathroom.

Create a Grander Feel with Two Shower Curtains

Two Shower Curtains

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The most basic, boring bathtub looks grander with two shower curtains instead of one. For small bathtubs and tub/shower combos in small bathrooms, cut a single curtain in half and hem the edges.

Use a Second Shower Rod for Additional Storage

Second Shower Curtain Rod

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Install a second shower road on the back wall of your shower, and add some hooks for additional storage space. Use the hooks to hang baskets, loofahs and more.

Give Yourself the Spa Experience

Pebble Bath Mat

Image Source

With an outdoor rubber mat with drainage holes, waterproof sealer and smooth stones from the dollar store, you can make a DIY pebble mat that will transform your bathroom into a natural oasis.

Turn a Cheap Dresser into a Stunning Vanity

Dresser Vanity

Image Source

A cheap dresser from the flea market or one that you’ve had sitting in storage can be transformed into a beautiful and functional vanity. Learn how here.

Get the Look of Granite without the Price Tag

Painted Granite Counter

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Did you know that you can transform your plain countertops with an easy-to-use granite paint kit? Countertop paint kits come with everything you need to beautify ugly and outdated countertops at a fraction of the price of upgrading to the real thing.

Add a Touch of Glamour

Crystal Decanter

Ditch the plastic bottles, and pour mouthwash, hair products and cleansers into attractive glass or crystal containers. Whether you opt for crystal decanters or you go for something a bit more budget friendly like upcycled glass beverage bottles, this simple trick adds a bit of luxury to any bathroom.

Get a Great Deal on Remodeling

Hagerstown Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune and leave you with a dismantled bathroom for days on end. At Larry & Sons, we are proud to affordable one-day bathroom remodeling using Bath Panel products. If you’re in the Hagerstown area and you’re tired of your old, outdated bathroom, call Larry & Sons at 301-733-5428 to learn more about bathroom remodeling.

4 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom in the New Year

maximize small bathroom spaces

The beginning of a new year is a time for reflecting on the past and considering ways to improve our future. While many of us are undoubtedly thinking about how to shed those extra holiday pounds and committing to getting our finances under control this year, there is one area in your life with massive untapped potential that you probably haven’t even thought about – your bathroom.

As unexciting and unglamorous as it may sound, your bathroom holds a lot of potential. Whether you are tired of your bathroom’s outdated décor or it lacks functionality or you’re looking for a way to boost your home’s resale value, opting for a bathroom remodel in the New Year could bring have a very positive effect on your life.

Here are just a few years to consider remodeling your bathroom in 2016 with the help of Larry & Sons.


So many of us have bathrooms that just don’t “work” for us. Whether you’re tired of fighting for the sink in a busy bathroom or you’re handicapped and need some help with accessibility and safety, a bathroom remodel is an excellent investment. Upgrading from a single sink to a double eliminates frustration, and we have several options for handicapped-accessible tubs and showers.

Aesthetic Appeal

Are you tired of looking at pale pink or avocado green tile in your bathroom? Or are cracked tiles and dingy shower doors driving you crazy? No matter why you don’t like the way your bathroom looks, we have the solutions to turn a bathroom you hate into one you love. As an authorized installer, we have access to some of the best bathroom remodeling products on the market. We offer a number of styles and colors to ensure that, no matter what your taste, we can create your dream bathroom.

Resale Value

If you’re thinking about selling your home, a nice, newly updated bathroom is an excellent selling point. Homes with beautiful bathrooms stand out in even those most crowded markets, and bathroom remodels bring in an estimated 78% of their cost when the home is sold.


When you choose Larry & Sons for bathroom remodeling, you won’t have to deal with a non-functional bathroom for days – or even weeks – on end. As a dealer, we can do most bathroom remodels in just one day. Thanks to , you can have the bathroom of your dreams in just one day. products are of the highest quality and come with a lifetime guarantee, so you can rest assured knowing that your new bathroom will withstand the test of time.

Contact Larry & Sons For Your Bathroom Remodel

If you’ve been thinking of remodeling your bathroom, what are you waiting for? The New Year is the perfect time to invest in upgrading your home, and a bathroom remodel is a great place to start! For one-day bathroom remodeling in Hagerstown and the surrounding areas, please contact us at Larry & Sons today, or give us a call at 301-733-5428.