Larry & Sons Offers Comprehensive Drain Checkups and Cleanings





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Larry & Sons Offers Comprehensive Drain Checkups and Cleanings

You may think your home has weathered the heavy rains, but it pays to be sure


HAGERSTOWN, MD. September 7, 2016 –Torrential rains have put the strain on homes in many parts of the country. You may think your home has weathered the storm, but it pays to be sure. Small cracks or puddles can become major, and put your entire home at risk.


Larry and Sons, a leading air conditioning, heating and plumbing company serving Hagerstown and Frederick, Maryland and surrounding counties for nearly 50 years, can inspect entire drainage systems with video camera pipe inspection.


 “Drains and sewer lines in homes are immensely important, removing a large volume of waste water from your property each day,” says Eric Corbett, president and owner of Larry & Sons. “Weather like we’ve had this year puts an immense strain on these systems. Small problems can become big ones very quickly, and can even compromise the very foundation of a structure. We offer annual checkups on both sewer systems and septic systems, as well as comprehensive drain cleanings.”


Plumbing systems supply both hot and cold water to various fixtures and faucets, and also remove waste water from your home. Drainpipes are particularly susceptible to clogs and other blockages because of how much use they get, as well as the various substances that go down them. Using the most advanced technologies, the experts at Larry and Sons can detect and repair any issues in your plumbing system. Hair, grease, hard water and root penetration may all, in their own ways, lead to blocked drains. And heavy rainfall only strains the system and speeds the process.


It helps to use hair and food stoppers throughout your home to reduce the amount of hair and food scraps that end up in your drainpipes. But sometimes, clogged drains are inevitable. Larry and Sons treats the problem quickly and professionally, so you can have your functional home back.


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