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How to Maximize Small Bathroom Spaces | Bathroom Design

So, you’re looking for ways to make a big difference in a small bathroom? Don’t worry, there are plenty of things you can do to open up the space, improve the mood, and give your bathroom the fresh, modern look it deserves!

How to Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

1. Unified Color

Especially for small, windowless bathrooms, it is important to have one unified color throughout. If you have tile in your bathroom, choose a paint color that matches or complements it. By unifying the colors in your tile, walls, and ceiling, the room will appear to recede, thus expanding the space.

If you color block your small bathroom or overpower it with colors and patterns, the space will appear busier, smaller, and less appealing. In a bathroom with little light, it is best to choose a light color. You can never go wrong with white. Accent the white with natural colors, such as sand, wood, taupe, gray, green, and black – get creative with textures rather than colors.

maximize small bathroom spaces


2. Get a Bigger Mirror

Mirrors have had a long history of dazzling the mind and expanding space. Use mirror magic to expand your bathroom space and brighten up the room. You can kill two birds with one space-saving stone by installing a mirror with storage built in, aka a medicine cabinet.

expand your small bathroom with mirrors

Photo: Robson Rak

3. Utilize Corners

With a small bathroom, you must take advantage of every inch of space you have. Find corner shelving or build your own storage units into the corner edges of your bathroom. You can also try adding some storage above your toilet seat with space-saving shelving.

how to save space in bathroom with shelves


4. Small Sink and Cabinet

If you have a small bathroom, the largest space hogger will be your vanity – they often take up the most space, but they don’t have to. Consider installing a pedestal sink or a more European box-style vanity. You can also expand the perception of space with a wall-mounted sink or small console table. If you choose the wall-mounted sink or pedestal sink, keep in mind that you will need to supplement it with a corner caddy or other shelving for storage.

small pedestal sink for small bathroom


Box style European vanity for small bathroom


5. Maximize Your Bath & Toilet

If you are thinking about replacing your toilet and/or bath, consider designs that make the most of your space. BathPlanet Design Studio will allow you to pick the right-sized bathroom accessories for your specific bathroom layout.

Smaller toilet models will provide the same comfort, while also saving you money with their low-flow water features.

Combine your bath and shower with an elongated design that provides the most space inside and outside of your tub. In addition, install a sliding door so you don’t have to worry about door clearance. Installing a clear sliding door will create the illusion of even more space.

elongated toilet to save space in bathroom

sliding glass shower door

There are other ways to make your bathroom appear a little smaller, such as reducing the size of your faucet (install a low-flow faucet to save money and water) and getting rid of the clutter; however, nothing will help you expand the space in your bathroom better than a FREE Bath Planet remodeling consultation with Larry & Sons.

Bath Planet is a fast-growing manufacturer of acrylic bathroom solutions and has earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal.

As a preferred partner with Bath Planet, here at Larry & Sons, we specialize in offering quick and professional bathroom solutions, completing most projects in just one day. All products come with a lifetime guarantee and if anything should go awry, we will return for a free follow-up repair.

We’re very happy to be partnering with Bath Planet to provide the best bathroom remodeling solutions to our customers. Click here to design your very own dream bathroom with the Bath Planet Design Studio or call us today to schedule your bathroom consultation – 301-733-5428.

Whether you are looking for a new shower or tub, toilet or tiles, Bath Planet and Larry & Sons have the solution for you. WE specialize in one-day bathroom remodels and can give your the best advice for converting a small bathroom into a spacious oasis.

Give Larry and Sons a call today at 301-733-5428 to get your dream bathroom underway.

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