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Relax With a Bathroom Remodel

$750 Off One-Day Bath RenovationsThe bath is a place for relaxation and contemplation, regardless of whether the day is over, or you’re still in the middle of a really long day.  Ensuring your bathroom is both a safe haven for relaxation and a utilitarian location for the daily ritual of getting ready means having the right fixtures and choosing the right lighting.  Even better, many upgrades can be done by you, or in the span of a single day.  Fixing your lighting can even be as simple as discovering you’re using the wrong type of light bulb!

Simple Remodel

At Larry & Sons, we specialize in one-day bathroom remodels.  You don’t need to completely break down your entire bathroom to fix it up into something new.  A few fixture replacements can make the difference between a previously drab room and a relaxingly spacious bathroom.  In a single day, you can have any fixture replaced, and have new wall-surrounds put in place for your shower and bath.  Once the wall surround is in place, you can take an extra day to update the wallpaper within your bathroom, improving the brightness and the atmosphere tremendously.

In fact, Larry & Sons is an authorized Bath Planet dealer, giving us access to an amazing array of bath planet fixtures and products.  Giving yourself a new room to relax can be so important to mental health and stress relief that we’re even offering up to $750 off on this kind of remodel.

$750 off one-day bathroom remodel

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Ambient Lighting

Changing the lighting in your bathroom is actually a pretty inexpensive way of improving the look and feel of the room.  Choosing the right color temperature of the room can be the deciding factor between “luxury suite” and “keep-the-door-closed-at-all-times.”  Warmer temperatures, around 2700-3000K, will give the room a warm and cozy feeling.  However, in smaller bathrooms, especially those with darker colors, dark wood cabinets, or wallpaper with heavy earth tones or blacks, the warmer colors can begin to feel oppressive.  If your bathroom is already decorated with a more rustic look or heavy earth tones, use a higher color temperature and then shade and diffuse the light to soften it down.  The higher color temperature will bring out the colors of the room while increasing overall brightness.

Vanity Lighting

Using a warm color temperature for your ambient lighting is excellent for improving how you feel while relaxing in the tub but is a bad idea for vanity, makeup, or mirror lighting.  One of the core reasons you have a bathroom mirror is to control how you look throughout the day.  Warm color temperatures are not common beyond your own home.  It’s very tempting to use a 2700K bulb because the warm-white light does an excellent job of softening features and obscuring flaws, but office lights and the mid-day sun are typically much higher.  Office fluorescents are roughly 3500-4000K and the sun is typically best represented by a full-spectrum lamp at 5500-6000K.

So what should you do?  The best thing is to have vanity lighting that has an even distribution (no shadows) across your face.  Multiple lights across the top of your mirror or, preferably, on either side to illuminate evenly.  Then use a harsher light source, at least 4000K, with high color rendering.  Yes the light is unflattering, but the better you look under this harsh of a light, the better you’ll look during the day too.  Install mirror lighting on a separate switch; that way the harsher white light doesn’t interfere with your ambient lighting when it’s time to relax.

For the show-stopping bathroom of your dreams, delivered in just one day (in most cases), call Larry & Sons for your next Bath Planet bathroom remodel.

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