Should I Replace My Furnace Before Winter Comes?

We have been getting a lot of calls from people who are wondering when they should replace their furnaces. Everyone knows that winter is coming, but not everyone knows when they need to get a new furnace before those cold winds blow. Here are some key signs you need to consider getting furnace replacement in Hagerstown.

Consider a New Furnace When…

Consider installing a new furnace before winter arrives if…

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  • Your furnace didn’t keep you warm last year. Even if it’s working, it may be too small or too old to keep you comfortable.
  • You’ve had to fix your furnace several times over the last year. Even if they weren’t major repairs, repetitive fixes means that your furnace isn’t working as well as it should and it might be wearing out.
  • Your furnace is more than 15 years old. This is usually the outside limit of a furnace’s lifespan. If yours is this old or older, you may want to get a new one before it wears out due to old age.
  • Your furnace is inefficient. Even if it works well, an inefficient furnace can cost you quite a bit in energy expenses. Replace it to save on these costs each month.

Get Your New Furnace Installed ASAP

If you want a new furnace or you want to consult with one of our experts to see furnace replacement would be right for you, reach out to us at Larry & Sons today. Our Hagerstown heating experts will help you find and install the perfect new furnace for your house so you won’t have to feel anxious when the weather turns colder.

How to Prevent Bathroom Mold

Have you had mold in your bathroom before or do you worry about getting it? We don’t blame you, because mold can create major problems for homeowners! Here’s what you need to do to keep mold far, far away from your bathroom and your home.

Control Moisture

Controlling mold is all about controlling moisture, because mold requires extra moisture to grow. If there’s no extra moisture, then there’s nothing to promote mold growth. Prevent extra moisture by taking a few easy steps:

bathroom mold hagerstown md
  1. Install a bathroom fan. This helps dry the bathroom after people shower or bathe. It keeps moisture from collecting on the walls, in your grout, or in your shower pan.
  2. Seal your grout. While most grout is waterproof when it’s installed, this protection won’t last forever. Seal it yearly to make sure that water can’t get behind it, because this is one significant place where mold can grow.
  3. Use a squeegee after every shower and bath. Take a few minutes every time you bathe to get excess water off the walls with a squeegee designed specifically for that purpose. This sends all of that water down the drain, so it can’t sit on your walls and potentially feed mold there.
  4. Fix leaks fast. If you notice a leak somewhere in your bathroom, get it repaired quickly. If you need professional plumbers, call our team of professional Hagerstown plumbers right away so there’s not excess water sitting around your bathroom.

Install a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers work with your heating and cooling system to control the humidity levels in your home, which can be key to keeping mold from growing in unwanted areas. Installing a small dehumidifier unit in or near your bathroom may be help to prevent mold growth, or you can choose a bigger unit that ties into the duct work to help your home. The choice is up to you, and our technicians can help by providing answers to any questions you may have.

Get Carpets Cleaned

If you have an older home, you may still have carpet in your bathroom. Carpeted areas in your bathroom are the perfect breeding ground for mold to grow, because the carpet retains moisture and potential bacteria or even spores left behind after you get clean. Be sure to have these carpet areas cleaned once a month to prevent any mold from growing. Or, better yet, replace your carpet with tile! It is easier to clean and better at preventing mold growth in humid conditions.

We Can Help

At Larry & Sons, we know the effects mold growth can have on you and your family’s health so we do whatever it takes to keep mold away from your home and your bathroom. Whether you want to install a fan, need to fix a leak, or have your bathroom tiled, you can rely on Larry & Sons for the same great service we’ve provide the tri-state area for more than 50 years! Call us today to get the help you need!

Why Does My Toilet Gurgle & Bubble?

Has your toilet started bubbling or gurgling? These sounds may occur right after you flush, or they may happen at irregular intervals. Sometimes, they even happen when you haven’t used your toilet in a while. If you’ve noticed your toilet making unusual sounds, here’s what you need to know.

Is Toilet Bubbling Normal?

Most of the time, a bubbling toilet is NOT normal. It usually indicates a problem in your drain or sewer lines, or in your vent stack (the way that sewer gases escape your home).

Why Do Toilets Bubble?

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Toilets bubble when negative pressure builds up in the lines. When water and waste cannot flow properly, the air pressure in your pipes is negatively affected. Eventually, this pressure releases.

When this happens, it pushes air back up your line. You may just hear a sudden gurgling noise from your toilet or you may see the water bubble. If enough pressure is released, your toilet may flush spontaneously.

What Should I Do If My Toilet Bubbles?

Depending on how bad the clog is, you may be able to address the problem yourself, or you may need to call a professional plumber for drain or sewer cleaning. Start by reaching out to your neighbors. If they are having similar problems, the issue likely exists in the city sewer line, not in the drain or sewer specific to your home.

If they aren’t experiencing it, you can try plunging your toilet or snaking it. If that doesn’t work, give us a call at Larry & Sons. We’ll send out a professional Hagerstown plumber to find your clog and eliminate it fast.

What Makes Your Indoor Air Unhealthy?

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A lot of people call us, concerned about their indoor air quality for one reason or another. We are always happy to come out and check your air quality, then help you find solutions that will work for you to clean yours up. Here are some of the most common culprits when it comes to indoor air quality problems.


Even if you don’t smoke, your neighbors might. While smoking outside may seem like it shouldn’t harm your indoor air quality, it still can. Your HVAC system may suck in smoky air and distribute it around your house. If you live in an area affected by wildfire smoke, this can lower your indoor air quality, too.

Nearby Construction

Construction in your house can cause air quality problems, but so can construction nearby. This kind of work tends to raise dust and other debris that you don’t necessarily want to breathe in. If your neighbors are doing renovations or you live near a construction site, you may want to check your indoor air quality soon.

Too Much Moisture

If there’s too much moisture in your house, it can cause mold and mildew growth which can, in turn, have adverse reactions for your indoor air quality. If you see visible mold or mildew growth, check your air quality before too much time passes. Installing a dehumidifier is a good solution to reducing the excess moisture in your home without drying out your home.

Hagerstown’s Indoor Air Quality Pros

If you need help with your indoor air quality in Hagerstown, MD, contact us at Larry & Sons today. We’ll find out what’s causing your problems, then set you up with a solution to eliminate your pollutants and improve the air quality in your home or commercial property. Call us to get indoor air quality help in Hagerstown, or the surrounding areas today!