Fall 2019 Food Drive with the Maryland Food Bank!

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Larry & Sons is proud to help out the local community by hosting a food drive, now through November 27th! We are working with the Maryland Food Bank to accept donations for canned and non-perishable items from anyone interested in assisting with providing some meals for those in need during the upcoming holiday season.

The Maryland Food Bank is a wonderful organization that is dedicated to providing meals for individuals and families who experience food insecurity. Every year, they donate 37 million meals to support the cause of ending hunger – something that 1 in 9 residents of the state experience. The Larry & Son’s team is honored to be apart of that mission.

There are 3 easy ways you can participate:

  • In person – Bring items down to our office, located at 20 Hump Road, Hagerstown, MD 21740.
  • At home – If you have an appointment with us, our team is happy to pick up any donations at the time of service.
  • Online – We also offer a virtual food drive method, where you can visit our fundraising page and purchase food items to be directly donated to those in need.

Some of the most commonly needed items include: canned meat (tuna, chicken, etc.), peanut butter, pasta, fruits (canned or dried), canned soup and vegetables, evaporated & powdered milk, infant formula, breakfast cereal & oatmeal, rice, nuts & seeds, and beans (canned or dried).

Add yourself to our Facebook event promoting the food drive, to spread the words to your friends and family and share awareness about the hunger problems in Maryland.

Thank you for helping Larry & Sons support our community!

Getting the Most Out of Your Frederick Home’s Heating System

Are you thinking of upgrading to a high-efficiency heating system in your Frederick home? Whether you want a new furnace, heat pump, or geothermal system, there are some things to consider before you upgrade. There are also a few ways to get the most out of your system after it has been installed.

At Larry & Sons, we want to help our customers get the most out of their heating investment, so we’ve put together a short list of things to help you take full advantage of a new heating system.

Heating Bills

Regardless of the type of fuel you use, you can help maintain lower heating bills if you know what you typically pay throughout the season. If you haven’t kept a record of your bills, call your gas or electric company and ask for a copy of your fuel usage over the course of the winter for at least two seasons. This will help you formulate an energy saving goal, as well as a goal for how much you want to pay for heat in an average month. You may decide that you want to switch to a different kind of fuel to help save money.

Overall Home Efficiency

Before making any changes to your heating system, make sure that there aren’t any other upgrades you can make in your home first. Whether it’s adding more insulation to your attic, or sealing off areas where there are large air leaks, you won’t get the most out of those savings without doing this before installing a high-efficiency heating system. Installing double-paned windows, storm doors, and even adding ventilation for better airflow will help overall home efficiency. Once the system is in place, consider installing a programmable thermostat that is compatible with your system so that you aren’t heating the house during times that it’s not necessary.

Size and BTU

Sizing a heating system is an important part of the installation process. While your contractor should know what size is appropriate for your home, you should be able to tell if your current system provides enough BTUs for your heating needs. Talk with a Frederick heating expert at Larry & Sons about your options.

Is Dehumidification Right for You?

Do you ever feel like your home is too humid? If you find yourself using a portable dehumidifier in your house, consider installing a whole-home dehumidifier instead. These carry a higher up-front cost but they have several benefits that can make them a worthwhile addition to your home.

It Saves Money

Just by lowering the temperature in your home, your A/C dehumidifies your house. However, this isn’t what it was made to do and it can’t do it very efficiently. In fact, you’ll have to set the temperature lower than you really want it to effectively get the humidity down to ideal levels. Since dehumidifiers cost less to run than your A/C, they are the best way to dehumidify. Set your A/C higher, run the dehumidifier, and spend less to achieve better results.

It Improves Indoor Air Quality

Your dehumidifier can keep mold and mildew from feeding off the excess moisture in your A/C system. This avoids common indoor air quality problems, all while keeping you more comfortable.

It Saves Your A/C

When you aren’t running your A/C as much because you aren’t using it to dehumidify, too, then it won’t undergo that extra stress and strain. This can help you reduce the frequency of A/C repairs, as well as extending the life of your air conditioner.

Save yourself time and money when you call us at Larry & Sons about whole-home dehumidification today! We’ll get your system installed and running optimally soon!

Click here to contact an indoor air quality expert about a dehumidifier now!

3 Ways to Tell if Your Sewer Drain is Clogged

If your sewer line is clogged, you don’t want to wait before you give us a call. These problems only get worse and they will eventually cause catastrophic damage if you don’t take care of them right away. However, it can be hard to tell if you have a sewer clog or another type of clog. Here are some signs that the clog is probably in the sewer so you can call right away!

Your Pipes Gurgle

If your pipes make unusual gurgling sounds when water is draining through them, call us right away. This can be a sign that there is a clog and that water can’t flow as it was designed to.

You Have Major Backups…All Over the House

While you may only have one drain back up at first, sewer problems will eventually show up in more than one place. If you have multiple drain backups all over your house, chances are good that the problem is in your sewer.

There’s Wastewater Everywhere

Sewer drain clogs will cause wastewater to flow back into your home simply because it doesn’t have anywhere else to go. This can show up in showers, tubs, sinks, washing machines, and more. As soon as you notice this, you’ll know the problem is in your sewer line.

Call us at Larry & Sons as soon as you suspect a sewer drain clog. We’ll get to you quickly and fix it fast so you don’t have to worry about your home sustaining even more damage.

sewer drain unclog hagerstown, md

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