3 HVAC Troubleshooting Tips Everyone Should Know

There’s not much worse than finding out your HVAC system isn’t working. Whether you’re getting too hot or too cold, you need to get it working again ASAP. Here are a few things that you should always try before you bring in a professional. If these don’t work, call us at Larry & Sons right away.

hvac troubleshooting tips

Change the Filter

Some heating or cooling systems will automatically stop working if the filter is too full or if it’s not installed correctly. This saves wear and tear on your system, but it can also send you into a needless panic. Check your filter to make sure that it’s clean and properly installed. You may want to try another filter just to see if works the same.

Check the Power Switch

Most furnaces have a power switch somewhere in the space the furnace is located. This looks just like a light switch and is easy to accidentally bump into or knock it into the “off” position. Look to ensure your furnace fan is powered on before you worry too much about your HVAC system.

Review Your Thermostat Settings

Some thermostats make it almost too easy to change the settings. When your HVAC system won’t turn on, check the thermostat to make sure that you have the settings where you want them. You might also try turning the thermostat up or down several degrees (depending on whether you’re trying to heat or cool your home) to see if that turns the system on.

If you’re having HVAC problems and you can’t solve them yourself, call in one of our experts from Larry & Sons today.