UPDATE: Our Fall Focus: Donate 2020 Meals to Feed Hungry Kids!


With your generous support, Larry & Sons was able to not only meet our goal of 2020 donated meals in 2020, but we exceeded it! As a result, we are keeping this open so that Maryland children can continue getting the meals they deserve this holiday season.

Larry & Sons wants to thank YOU for your incredible generosity during this time. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Right here in Maryland, 1 out of every 4 people is facing food insecurity. The hunger problem has only gotten worse as COVID-19 has ravaged our nation and forced so many people out of work. 

At Larry & Sons, our commitment to the local community goes back 60 years, from our humble beginnings as a local plumbing company. We are not a franchise nor a chain…this is our home, and these are the only markets we serve. As such, we stand steadfast committed to helping in any way we can during particularly challenging times.

We are partnering with the Maryland Food Bank, whose mission is to help free people from the grip of hunger. They aim to give hungry Marylanders access to healthy, nutritious food for their families so they don’t ever have to choose between food and anything else.

Our goal is to donate 2020 meals by the end of the year. So how can you help your local community by partnering with Larry & Sons this fall?

Every New USA Membership Feeds A Local Child For 1 Week!

For every new “USA Membership” (Ultimate Service Agreement) sign up through the end of 2020, Larry & Sons will feed 1 hungry local child (3 meals a day) for 1 week.

You get the benefit of excellent service, we get the benefit of serving you, and a local child gets to eat well for 1 week straight. We see this campaign as a total win-win win!

Ask your technician on your service call about this program, or just call our offices to learn more.

At Larry & Sons, we don’t believe that anyone deserves to go hungry and we want to work to solve the food insecurity issues that so many of our friends and neighbors face.

Let’s see how many people we can feed in 2020!

Already A Member? Donate Online!

There’s one more way to get involved if you are already a member or live outside of our immediate service area:

Donate directly to the Maryland Food Drive through our virtual food drive page!


Make a difference folks in 2020. Our goal is to donate at least 2020 meals. Will you help us?