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UV Germicidal Light Installation in Hagerstown and Frederick, MD

When maintaining a home’s air quality, there are different options to rid the air of mold spores and bacteria. Cleaning the air ducts and replacing air filters is the first step to enhancing air quality. Unfortunately these steps will not prevent mold spores and bacteria from infecting your home. Installing UV Germicidal lights into your HVAC system provides protection from bacteria and mold. Call a Larry & Sons for professional installation in and around Hagerstown, MD.

Air Purification in Hagerstown, MD

germicidal UV light air filter services hagerstown, md

Airborne mold spores cause respiratory and sinus issues for many people. Allergies and sinus issues send an increasing number of individuals to the doctors’ office each year. The ducts in your home could be transporting mold spores into each room. UV light is a natural disinfectant that works by breaking down mold spores, thus making the spores inactive.

The air treated with UV light is a healthier and safer option for families in the Hagerstown, MD and Frederick, MD area. Bacteria transmitted through the air in your home’s HVAC system can cause illness. UV germicidal lights attached to the HVAC system remove harmful bacteria, preventing the spread of airborne bacteria. The disinfectant properties of UV lights kill bacteria safely, leaving the air pure.

Purifying the air in your home can help to prevent sinus, allergy, and asthma symptoms from recurring. It is important to rid your home of these harmful contaminants. The healthiest way is by using UV germicidal lights. These systems are affordable and easily installed to work with your current HVAC system. As the air continues to circulate and pass through the UV light and filter, your household air will be continuously cleaned and purified.

Selecting Air Purification for Your Hagerstown, MD Area Home

When choosing a home air purifier, UV germicidal light systems are a great choice. A trained installer should help you pick the right system to help protect your family and home from dangerous contaminants. Charlestown and Shippensburg residents have the professional installers from Larry & Sons at their disposal. These technicians are trained to provide the best quality air treatment in the area. When it comes to the safety of your family, be assured that your system works non–stop to clean the air in your home.

Cleaning your air filter and ducts offers protection from nasty mold and bacteria to a point, but adding a UV light system will give your family the peace of mind that you deserve. For UV lights in Hagerstown, Frederick, MD, and the surrounding areas, call Larry & Sons today!

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