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Indoor Air Quality and Air Filtration Services in Hagerstown, MD and Frederick, MD

indoor-air-qualityAir quality is an issue for many homeowners for a number of reasons. While normally, things like dust and pet dander would be nothing more than a mild annoyance, they can become real issues in homes where family members suffer from allergies or asthma or when the home is sealed up tightly and there is little or no air circulation.

If you live in the Hagerstown, MD area and indoor air quality is an issue in your home, call the experts of Larry & Sons today to learn more about our comprehensive air quality testing and installation services. We can help you choose a system that will provide the necessary protection for your family members against common allergens.

Why You Might Need an Air Filtration or Purification System

There are a number of possible contaminants that can build up in your home’s indoor air. The most common of these are pollutants like pet dander, pollen, dust and other household debris. They generally only mildly irritate people with allergies, but when there is little or no ventilation, the problem can get much worse, very quickly.

In addition to these common allergens, there are other problems you might experience including high levels of mold spores, dust mites, fumes and smoke residue or exhaust. These can more significantly irritate allergies and asthma symptoms and therefore need to be handled more carefully.

Solutions for Hagerstown, MD Indoor Air Quality Issues

If you do have air quality issues in your home, the first step is to have that air tested. We can visit your home and inspect it for possible issues and then recommend exactly how best to handle your issues. If you have high levels of any of the contaminants above, the best first step is to upgrade your air handler’s filtration system to something with a higher MERV rating or even a HEPA filter.

Another option you might consider is installation of an electronic air cleaner. These systems can ionize the air and remove smaller particles like exhaust and smoke. UV light systems will keep germs like bacteria and viruses and humidity control systems will actively manage humidity levels in your home, so it does not get too damp or too dry.

We offer installation and replacement services for all major types of indoor air quality system in Hagerstown, MD, and can provide ongoing repair and maintenance services for those homes that require it.

If you are interested in having a new indoor air quality system installed in your Hagerstown, MD home and would like to discuss it further with a member of the Larry & Sons team, now is the time to call us.

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