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Air Cleaners in Hagerstown, MD

Need an air cleaner for your home in Hagerstown, MD or the surrounding area? If so, the professionals at Larry & Sons are here to help. They will gladly give you guidance on choosing a unit that will help you reduce pollutants so you can improve your overall air quality, reducing your odds of developing asthma or allergies. Customers have come to rely on us for expert advice and service  in Hagerstown, MD but also Frederick & the surrounding areas

Who Can Benefit from Air Cleaners in the Hagerstown, MD Area?

Pet owners are often exposed to a great deal of dander, which can lead to allergies in some cases. These individuals can benefit a great deal from air cleaners because these systems trap these substances, so they are not released into the air. People who are sensitive to dust may also notice it is easier to breathe after using an air cleaner. Cigarette smokers can also use one of these systems to eliminate secondhand smoke in their homes.

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Choosing Air Cleaner and Filters

When choosing an air cleaner, it is important to know the difference between electronic and mechanical methods of removing particles from indoor air. The type you choose can depend on the types of pollutants you would like to remove and your budget among other things. There are advantages and disadvantages of each type, but the professionals at Larry & Sons will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Electronic Air Cleaners

Electronic air cleaners use electrostatic attraction to trap and remove particles from the air. These are ideal for areas that have small particles that need to be eliminated; however, they do not normally get rid of gaseous odors. They are priced competitively with other types of air cleaners, but they may be more expensive in the long run. This is because they require electricity to operate, which adds to the overall cost of the system. They also

contain filters that must be changed on a regular basis.

Mechanical Air Cleaners

Mechanical air cleaners are ideal for removing large particles that are .3 microns or more in diameter. In fact, they are more effective at removing larger particles than they are at removing smaller ones. They have an efficiency rate of about 98% when removing large particles and a slightly lower efficiency rate when tasked with the removal of smaller ones. These units do not need electricity in order to operate, but they do require that their HEPA filters are changed from time to time. Since these models cost less to operate and maintain, they are often more cost–effective for many consumers.

The Right Air Cleaning System for Your Hagerstown, MD Area Home

Many consumers are unsure which type of air cleaning system they should choose. With so many things to consider, the information can often be overwhelming. At Larry & Sons, we realize that our customers might have difficulty making these types of decisions and are proud to offer expert advice to help them with this process. By allowing us to help you choose the right air cleaner, you can be sure you are getting one that will reduce allergens and lead to better overall health and an improved quality of life. For air cleaners in Hagerstown, MD and the surrounding areas, call Larry & Sons!

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